Zonal OCR Software: The First Step to A Paperless Office

The All-In-One Data Entry Specialist, File Clerk, and Office Assistant.


Want a records manager you can keep off payroll?


Tired of manually typing information into document fields?


Misplacing documents and can’t find what you’re searching for when you do find them?


Want document retrieval so fast it’ll feel like the file found you?

Then Zonal OCR is going to make your job a lot easier.

Zonal Optical Character Recognition automatically captures document information field-by-field off even the most complex documents, ensuring they’re retrievable and stored accordingly within eFileCabinet.

In addition to helping you scan, upload, and rapidly find specific portions of documents, Zonal Optical Character Recognition leverages sophisticated metadata from documents such as names, dates, and invoice numbers – making digital organization and document management continuity a simple reality.

Benefits Zonal OCR Customers Love

Zonal optical character recognition is crucial for any organization looking to go and stay paperless

ROI | Minimize time spent on manual document management tasks with Zonal OCR, do what you’re paid to do instead.

PRECISION | Zonal OCR helps you manage frequently used and scanned documents with razor-like precision

EASE OF USE | Zonal OCR automatically routes frequently used and scanned forms where you want them to go within eFileCabinet.
PAPERLESS, SIMPLIFIED | Zonal OCR lets you leverage the speed of business-grade scanners for the better, helping you go paperless in an organized fashion.

Zonal OCR features customers love

Single Form mode allows you to select one template when you process files in Zonal OCR, and provides you with 2 options: 1) Single Document Mode or 2) Split Document Mode.

SINGLE DOCUMENT MODE | This eFileCabinet feature lets Zonal OCR identify that a page matches the selected template, pulls that information, and saves it and all its other accompanying pages into a single document within eFileCabinet. This means that when uploading the file, Zonal OCR only has to search the first page of the document to find it, making file upload even faster.

SPLIT DOCUMENT MODE | If you are printing more than 1 form, Split Document Mode is extremely useful. This mode will split the document into pre-specified individual parts (pages 1-5, 5-10, 10-15 of a 15-page document, for instance) and when the Zonal OCR recognizes that a page coincides with selected template, it begins a new file and continues to process the pages—saving you even more time.

TEMPLATES | Zonal OCR uses Templates to capture information from scanned documents. Within Templates, you can specify the portions of a form that need to be captured. You can then store the captured data to a Profile and use the info to store documents into specific locations within eFileCabinet—helping you scale back on clutter for maximum storage efficiency.

PRINT TO ZONAL OCR | Print to Zonal OCR automatically sends digital output to Zonal OCR; automatically identifies which documents are processed, creates a folder with the customer’s name to store the document, and names the document appropriately; automatically lets you print to both Zonal OCR and to a local printer.

When used in conjunction with our scanners,
Zonal OCR is made even better.