The New Zonal OCR Update:

Accountants’ and Tax Professionals’ Dream

Are you an accountant or tax professional looking to automate repetitive processes with documentation, specifically those associated with tax applications like Lacerte?

If so, our new Zonal OCR update is for you.

eFileCabinet’s new “Print to Zonal OCR” feature streamlines use of tax applications like Lacerte from Intuit.

When using a tax application, you’ll want to finalize tax returns for customers, who typically want to save an electronic or physical copy of the return for future use. You can automatically save it electronically, store it, and print it within eFileCabinet.

The new Print to Zonal OCR feature automatically:

Offers a function that helps process large files (like many found in tax applications) with amazing speed.

Sends digital output to the Zonal OCR software

Identifies which tax document is being processed, creates a folder with the customer’s name to store the document, names the document appropriately with required fields, and creates this info in eFileCabinet.

Provides the option to print to a local printer.

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