Zonal OCR Feature of eFileCabinet Revolutionizes Scanning Process

eFileCabinet is already the authority in document management software, and we have helped thousands of offices go paperless. We truly are committed to serving the paper-heavy, compliance-bound SMB. Which is why we are continually pushing the limits of technological developments that will make our document management software even better.

Introducing Zonal OCR (Field Level OCR)

We have a recent roll out that will further revolutionize the document management industry.The technology behind this highly anticipated rollout is a product called Zonal OCR (also known as Field Level OCR). It is quite simply a game changer? But why?

Field Level OCR or Zonal OCR Automates Data EntryMost of you are familiar with the process of storing documents into efilecabinet. One of the ways to bring documents in to efilecabinet is through scanning. It is a huge part of that storing, depending on your organization and what format your documents currently reside. OCR is already available and this makes your scanned images fully text searchable. It has been an incredibly valuable and wonderful feature that allows people to scan documents in and do a full text search of these scanned documents in efilecabinet.

However, Zonal OCR takes it a step further! Zonal OCR gives users, the ability to select certain fields in a regularly used form, and then use those fields to automatically recognize and automatically route the forms into organized structures within eFileCabinet.

It is basically your new office assistant or filing clerk.

This is invaluable to anyone in any industry who uses specific forms, regularly. So if your business requires you to fill out the same forms on a regular basis, then zonal OCR is going to rock your world. Whether you fill out taxforms, HR forms, legal documents, medical forms and not to mention the most frequent type of document for all businesses INVOICES!

This is simply a game changer in storing and searching in document management. The time saved alone in the storing process, will make it well worth adding to your workforce. It will increase the efficiency of every office. It’s a faster way to bring documents into efilecabinet than anything we have ever seen before. Zonal OCR will also help your office have better organization because it stores consistently the same way every time.

Better than any assistant I’ve ever worked with.

If you’d like to see how the new Zonal OCR feature of eFileCabinet can save you time and money.