Are you considering an open-source software product for your organization’s document management needs? xinco DMS is a good example of what is regarded as the second generation of open-source document management software products. xinco DMS resembles a client server-based system that uses Java Webstart-like techniques for the hosting of documents. This xinco DMS review will illustrate some of the more notable software features and explore some of its advantages and disadvantages.


xinco DMS Features and Benefits

xinco DMS open-source PHP software is a web-based document management solution that can be used to manage files, text, contacts, URLs, and more.

xinco DMS features and benefits include the following:

  • Full-text imaging and searching for PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HTML, and more
  • Ability to create access control lists at the group and user level
  • Advanced version control for checking in and checking out documents and changing/modifying previous versions
  • Expansive multilingual data management capabilities with native support
  • xincoPublisher tool for fast and easy accessing of public data
  • Direct file preview and editing capabilities
  • Periodic file archiving to external storage volumes
  • Storage location of search index and files on differing volumes


Packages Available to Enhance Security in Heavily Regulated Environments

As with most open-source document management software, xinco DMS does not offer much in the way of data security or privacy in its basic form. However, xinco DMS does have validation packages and services available that are compliant with FDA 21 and CFR Part 11, which is beneficial to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biologics developers, biotech companies, and other FDA-regulated entities.


xinco DMS Disadvantages

As an open-source document management software product, xinco DMS comes with certain limitations. For instance, it cannot match the features offered by many closed-source software providers, which can be a drawback in high-volume or more complex document management environments. In-house technical support is not available, so you will have to depend on third-party vendors or online forums to get technical or product assistance.

And while xinco DMS can help FDA-regulated companies meet compliance requirements, it is not HIPAA, SEC, and FINRA compliant. Consequently, it may not be the best document management solution for education, healthcare, finance, or accounting operations.


Closed Source xinco DMS Alternatives

Cutting-edge closed-source document management software solutions such as those available from eFileCabinet typically prove to be an upgrade over xinco DMS and other open source products. eFileCabinet is set to unveil a brand-new HTML5 interface that will make its desktop and online software even more dynamic and user friendly. Another new feature is Zonal OCR, which enables users to choose specific fields within a document to be captured. Versatile mobile apps are also available that allow users to review documents, workflows, and downloads while on the go.

eFileCabinet offers easy integration with QuickBooks, making it a preferred document management solution for accounting and financial professionals and small business owners. Any organization that needs a flexible, configurable software product that can be tailored to their specific document management requirements can benefit from using eFileCabinet.

eFileCabinet software is even equipped with advanced security features such as data encryption, role-based security permissions, and audit user tracking, which makes it FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA compliant. Comprehensive training resources are also available to get new users up to speed as quickly as possible, along with prompt and reliable in-house technical support.


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