Websiteimgs2In today’s business world, it is becoming more and more unlikely that you do business solely within the walls of your office. Whether you have clients from around the country or business partners around the world, business relies on your ability to connect remotely with others. The growing emphasis on worldwide connectivity means that technologies like video conferencing and electronic signatures are becoming absolute necessities for businesses to succeed. Along with that kind of connectivity comes a demand for another technology that makes it possible for you to conduct business on a global scale—document management. Here are just a few reasons that this emphasis on connectivity makes DMS so vital for businesses today.


Instant Contracts

Business requires paperwork, but how do you handle getting the paperwork drawn up and signed when your business associate is based in another country? Sure, you could FedEx the package to him to sign, but if he wants to request changes to the contract, he’ll have to send it back to you to approve the changes. Then you’ll need to ship a fresh contract back to him. Who wants to spend that much in international shipping fees?

Document management allows you to share files instantly. You and your business associate can review a contract together in real-time, make changes in the moment, and sign the documents electronically. What could take weeks and hundreds of dollars in shipping for both of you can be done in minutes.


Increased Security

The wireless world comes with one big potential drawback—cyber attacks. Hackers get better every day, and doing business wirelessly often comes with the risk of having your information attacked and stolen. When you’re trying to do business paperlessly, you may think that emails are an efficient way to share documents. However, this is not nearly as secure as it should be, and information shared via email is easy to take for even a novice hacker.

Document management software offers you increased security and encrypted sharing so that you can share your documents electronically while keeping your data secure. Protected portals for sharing give you a safe way to get business done instantly without sacrificing on security.


Mobile Offices

Telecommuting is becoming more common as the world becomes more connected. Working from home is not only convenient for employees, but it can save employers money on office space, materials, etc. But how can you have your employees telecommute if you can’t quickly and easily give them assignments? How can they stay up-to-date on the latest priorities and notify you quickly when a project is completed? Perhaps most importantly, how can all of your remote employees collaborate with one another to ensure that your team is getting things done quickly and effectively?

There’s one simple answer to all of these problems—document management software. Your DMS should come with the capability to put your documents into a simple workflow, allowing you and your employees to push projects along to the next step the moment it is needed. You’ll be able to collaborate instantly, receive notifications of when steps are completed, and make changes yourself, all within the system. No matter where your employees are, you’ll be able to get things done together.


As technology makes the world smaller, the demand for DMS gets bigger. The next several years will determine which businesses will succeed in this wireless world, and which ones will fail. Having a good DMS system to rely on will be a key component in ensuring that your business is one of the success stories.

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