Tech Talent: The New Standard

With the constant influx of new technologies, businesses are required to change and add new technological tools on an almost monthly basis. It doesn’t matter what type of business it is and how large or small it might be, every company needs (and will continue to need) high quality tech talent to maintain day-to-day operations. From programmers to data analysts, almost all jobs require technical skill. Naturally, jobs that require technical skill will need to be filled by individuals who are trained in the latest technology.

If you are having a problem attracting (and then hiring) quality candidates with technical skills, what are you doing wrong? There is no shortage of potential programmers or other tech-savvy college graduates. In fact, The Atlantic suggests there is a surplus of science and technology graduates compared to the number of jobs available, not a deficit (like many believe). So why can’t you attract the right people if there are more qualified candidates than you could possibly interview? While the exact reasons will vary by company, the underlying problem facing most HR departments is the actual software and data management processes within their company. In short, tech-savvy employees want to work with systems that are familiar, robust, and useful. They don’t want to waste time wading through paperwork or being micromanaged. Luckily, a document management software system like the one offered by eFileCabinet will offer the digital environment they need.


What’s Keeping Tech Talent?

There are 3 primary reasons any HR specialist or manager will have a hard time acquiring tech talent. The first problem is the discrepancy between physical forms and the digital world. The next problem is constant babysitting or micromanaging. And third, your company’s impact on the environment might be to blame.


Physical and Digital

By very nature, tech-savvy employees work in a technological field in a technological world. If they are constantly inundated by piles of physical paperwork, are forced to file documents in metal filing cabinets, or need to physically move their work from their workstations to a supervisor’s desk, they are going to get frustrated and quit or avoid taking the job in the first place. Phones, tablets, streaming video services, and other cutting-edge tools are part of their daily lives. You can be certain that no tech talent will want to work in an environment that feels like it is 30 years behind the technological curve and will make doing their job laborious.



Even in highly technical fields such as programming and analyzing, employees work in creative and often unusual ways. Being able to harness technology to research, implement, and adjust what they use is just part of the process. Without a robust document and data management service, HR departments and managers won’t have any clear idea about what their talent is up to unless they literally hover over their workspace or ask for constant updates. This type of babysitting is annoying in any field, but especially for individuals who work in an often abstract and difficult-to-comprehend field such as programming, where it can be difficult to articulate or summarize progress.


Environmental Impact

Environmentalism is becoming more and more popular as individuals throughout the nation understand just how significant a single individual’s impact can be. From hybrid vehicles gaining popularity to DIY recycling blogs showing how to make treasures out of trash, it’s almost impossible to escape the influence of going green

In such an environmentally focused world, job applicants aren’t just basing their decisions about where to apply on things such as medical benefits and retirement packages, but a company’s overall approach to protecting the environment. You can be sure that applicants who are actively doing their part to protect Mother Nature won’t be willing to work for a company that is responsible for more greenhouses gasses than a small nation. The fact is, today’s applicants want to work for a company that is also making a positive change towards protecting the environment.


DMS Solutions for Each Problem

While there are a number of things you can do to fix the problems mentioned above (such as initiating a workplace recycling program), one of the easiest and broadest ways to resolve the issues is to use a document management software system. Here are just a few of the features DMS can provide:

  • Cloud-based storage for security and ease of access
  • Unlimited storage for all types of data
  • Clear and easy-to-use forms from applications to tax information
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces that minimize time spent hunting for files or features
  • Tools for capturing, recording, and storing information from all sources
  • Full compatibility between platforms and services, ensuring that whatever you create can be read and understood by anyone within the company

DMS will provide tech employees with a system designed around their needs. Sharing documents, sending messages, updating management, and researching any information will be straightforward and painless. The system will allow HR departments and management to check in on an employee’s work without having to physically hover around them or harass them for details, as everything can be shared digitally with a few clicks of a mouse. And, perhaps best of all, you will be able to eliminate almost all of the paperwork and physical documents that could otherwise choke your company and reduce productivity.


Going Paperless

A paperless office will entice tech talent because it means working in an environment that is intuitive and easy, while simultaneously being robust enough to handle any tasks they need to accomplish. It will make sharing documents faster and safer, as well as remove the need for physical observation and micromanaging. It will also allow your company to save money and the environment by reducing your paper consumption and carbon footprint. If you want to find the right tech talent, DMS designed for HR departments will provide an enticing workplace that is sure to meet the needs of the very best applicants available.