Although you may not believe it, we’ve all seen why document management software vendors are helpful  in the spy movies.

A tall man in a dark suit (usually with great hair and sunglasses on), walks into a dark room full of computers, and sits down at the chair. He slowly removes his shades and proceeds to hack into one of the computers.

He  begins to furiously patter  away at the keyboard, un-encrypting some “secret” files. After a moment, he dramatically ends the scene with a smug smile as he swipes his hard-drive out of his pocket, downloads the exposed files onto it, and briskly walks away, sliding his shades back on with some sort of  puffed-up remark.

How This Happens, and Why Document Management Software Vendors Can Prevent It

Under the previous circumstances, the culprit is preying on the common misconception of the data’s owner, that misconception being that data is safe under un-encrypted circumstances.

Do safe files exist, or are we just waiting around for a Tom Cruise type to break into our sensitive office data? Common trends reveal that our misconceptions about the safety of our files prevail—data breaches reached a record high in 2016 and are on pace for the same results in 2017.

However, the answer is yes, safe files  do exist. Even you, the average law-abiding citizen who is not a combat-enhanced murder machine can have “safe and secure” files.

With eFileCabinet, not only are you going digital, but you’re going there securely. A Document Management System (DMS) is a compliance and security strategy for you to safely keep and view your files.

Using the protective functions that document management software vendors offer, your files are sure to stay safe and unreachable by James Bond’s crew, or any other hackers for that matter

Investigating Document Management Software Vendors’ Solutions to the Problem

If you’re an entrepreneur, your great new idea should remain just that way; yours.

If you’re a school’s superintendent, you must  keep your student and teacher records protected. A doctor must follow Doctor-Patient confidentiality, and in a world going digital, what better way to protect your patients’ information than using eFileCabinet?

As the top-rated among all document management software vendors, eFileCabinet ensures the security of your office and its files.

If James Bond Gets Safely Encrypted Files, Why Can’t You?

You may not be saving the world, but you may be expected to save your clients’ world.

If you choose one of the document management software vendors that is best for your business, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. Saving other people’s information means they can rest assured that their files are safe.

Think of document management software as your own personal Jason Bourne, standing strong and ready to protect your important information. There are viruses that attack computers, like ransomware, where they encrypt and release your data, lest you pay them a large lump sum of money.

Instead of cowering in fear of the day ransomware hits your company desktop, protect yourself! Using eFileCabinet and its security features features, which also simplifies compliance, you can rest assured that there will be no ransom paid to recapture  your company’s important files.

Do You Really Need Encrypted Files?

Of course, not all your files need to be encrypted. The pictures of you putting on your secret agent Halloween costume don’t necessarily need to be protected (unless they are in fact that embarrassing!) But what about information from your work? It’s important not to lose sensitive data, or to accidentally have those files stolen or released.

Every company relies on file sharing to get information passed along to every employee, and while services like iCloud and Dropbox exist, they just can’t compare to the safety features that come with eFileCabinet.

Given we are the best among other document management software vendors, we can be sure that while you’re sharing files with your co-worker two rows over, you aren’t unknowingly also sharing it with The Joker two streets over.

What Exactly Are these Safety Features?

These are just some of the functions protecting your files in the DMS.

  • SSAE 16 is an intelligent service that allows company reports on compliance controls within eFileCabinet. You will get a report when something is wrong, and reports when everything is okay, which allows you to have peace of mind, when it comes to your files.
  • PCI DSS is designed to protect your personal information regarding any credit card, debit card, cash or online payments you make. The benefit of eFileCabinet having PCI DSS is that you can be sure that your personal information has guaranteed protection from any type of misuse. (So basically, James Bond’s enemy Le Chiffre won’t be stealing your identity through this file sharing system.)
  • 256- Bit encryption standard is an advanced encryption application that ensures your files stay protected.


The Threats of Data Breach Are Real

Just because you see file hacking in a highly unrealistic movie  doesn’t mean the threat of it can’t harm your own life. Everyone loves watching Tom Cruise take out the bad guy, but the facts are that not everyone has a Tom Cruise in their back pocket to use.

In 2015 alone, there were over 177,000,000 personal records and data exposed, and it isn’t stopping there. With all the new viruses, malware, and anonymous hackers hiding behind screens, breaking into your secure files is becoming easier and more prominent.

Hospitals medical records were hacked on a high of 81% last year. Security  is a number one concern, and with the digital age becoming so unsafe, precautions should be taken.

Another positive of using eFileCabinet is that your files are all digitized. This way, if someone broke into your office, there wouldn’t be any sensitive papers for them to collect, and there would be at the very least a password standing between them and your data.

The benefits here definitely outweigh any consequences, as security in the workplace is what keeps everyone stress-free. And besides, going paperless with eFileCabinet not only makes you feel like a spy with your encrypted share files, but it’s so much safer.

Learning More about Document Management Software Vendors

These are just a few examples of the type of protection eFileCabinet offers. While it’s all fun and games to walk into a room wearing shady glasses and a James Bond scene to remake, it’s not fun to have your sensitive data attacked and lost.

You can share any amount of information you need to, with who you need to, safely. No Joker, Le Chiffre, Gold Finger, or any other sort of bad guy is going to get these files.

With eFileCabinet, you can have the super strong “as seen in the movies” file system.