The days of the blue-collar American ethic have been replaced with idealism steeped in economic materialism, whether for better or worse. And the fewer the number of obstacles in our way in pursuit of “The American Dream,” the better.

The trick is finding the shortcuts in as many ways as possible, and combining them into an actionable strategy that will render our ideals reality.

Most workers, business owners, and even business magnates are unaware of their own inefficiencies in pursuit of the lifestyles they’d like to live–the key isn’t always to work harder than everyone else–compounding effort with intelligent action will deliver the best results, and that’s why document management software is a technology for delivering ideals of The American Dream.

We needn’t wear badges of work-aholism with pride any longer, provided we have the right technology at our disposal.

Because amid the stresses of workaholic routines, more and more Americans are burning out and becoming dissatisfied with their jobs.

The condition is as prevalent as ever, and first started receiving recognition around 2011 and 2012.

Document Management Software Prevents Burnout Better than Anything

USA Today even pointed out in an article released during this time that burnout rates had been surging, but many employees silently suffer through the phenomenon without exploring other avenues toward the obtainment of their ideal work-life balance.

So, the question is how can we eradicate burnout without losing job performance? Here are just a few of the reasons document management software is the answer:

Document management software reduces workload while increasing output. Instead of making employees feel like it’s difficult just to get to work, the efficiency document management software provides lets them rid themselves of the “do more with less mentality” frequently imposed by middle management or higher ups.

It’s no longer a justifiable solution to budgetary restraints. What’s more, it measurably reduces innovation (a definitive trait of any business’s excellence) within an organization, and as reported by numerous studies.

In fact, 46% of job-related stress is caused by workload, with people-related issues in the office coming in at a distant second place. One software can overthrow this issue, save the world’s workforce, and bring the ideal working environment back to the American office.

With a reduced number of paper documents to handle, the workflow steps are reduced and the time to complete tasks in the workplace is expedited with one of these solutions.

The more that America trots down this path of unnecessary inefficiency, the more childhood dreams will be downtrodden, and we will end our professional careers with little to show for the endeavor, and businesses will no longer be responsible for sustaining the American Dream, which, as it lays dying, is still a lone-standing hope in the fight for freedom.

Document Management Software Prevents Burnout, Reinvigorates the Workforce

What’s more, many workers feel that they do not get to follow their passions in the world of work. This could be attributed to the fact the average employee spends 20% of his or her day searching for information in traditional filing mediums, such as filing cabinets and folders.

With that much time wasted on the tasks we only typically associate with a librarian’s work, it’s no wonder workers are unsatisfied.

Additionally, many of the automation features in a good document management system turn the mundane, boring, and even soul-crushingly boring aspects of work life into enjoyable productivity, freeing up time to improve professional growth and facilitate a happier working experience for the average American worker.

Document management software prevents burnout in the workplace but also reinvigorates employees to be more productive and therefore effective at their jobs of choice.

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