The future of document management rests on the shoulders of the current thought leaders in the field. Learn more about the background, contributions, and work of three influencers who are spearheading thought leadership in enterprise content management and document management software.


John Mancini

John Mancini, leader of the global company AIIM, is more than just a CEO: he’s an author, a speaker, and a widely respected leader. It’s his belief that within the next five years there will be a digital transformation sweeping through businesses and organizations. He’s widely known for saying that organizations are currently facing an importance choice: information opportunity or information chaos.

He’s frequently selected as a keynote speaker, and in his speeches offers up expertise on digital transformation challenges companies face when trying to overcome information chaos. With more than 10,000 Twitter followers and a Klout score in the 60s, he’s clearly a well-known force in document management software.

He’s also published seven e-books with titles like “Occupy IT: A Technology Manifesto for Cloud, Mobile and Social Era,” and “Information Chaos v. Information Opportunity: The Business Challenge for the Next Decade,” and an e-books series titled “8 Things You Need to Know About.”

However, Mancini is most well-known for coining Mancini’s Law, which comprises three principles:

  1. Organizations at their core are a series of systems of information networks. They only work when clear, predictable information flows exist both within and between networks.
  2. Half of annual growth in digital information means that these organization networks—and the points that exist between them—will become more and more unstable.
  3. If intervention isn’t prioritized, information chaos will result, which can threaten the viability of the organization as a whole.

Mancini works in technology collaboration, training, groundbreaking research on document management technologies, and strategies information. His document management philosophy is all about adapting to change and he is almost without exception considered to be the foremost expert in the entire document management industry. He’s also one of the most decorated professionals in the software industry.


Rick Tucker

As Vice President of Doculabs, a research house located in Chicago, Turner oversees a wide range of research projects. Doculabs specializes in information management, and as the VP, Turner oversees the entire research process. It’s widely accepted that if he’s not the foremost expert on technology management and consulting in the U.S., he’s one of them. He offers consulting for organizations in many industries.

Turner has worked for 15 years in information management and has focused primarily on how enterprise social collaboration technologies and enterprise content management can be applied to critical business processes.

One of the reasons Turner is so highly respected is that his background is incredibly varied: he’s also a VP of sales and marketing, which means he not only understands enterprise content management from an IT perspective, but he uses it in his daily functions. He’s had much success working with organizations to help them achieve their goals and create unique business advantages by applying technology capabilities.

Before becoming a VP at Doculabs, Rick held the position of Director of the E-bill Exchange, which is a nationally recognized thought leadership organization. There, he worked with many different leaders in the industry to find and create trends and technologies involving electronic bill payment options, to help educate the market, and to create information portals.


Vicki Wiler

As the editor in chief at ARMA International, Vicki Wiler has a wealth of experience. She works with information management, a wide range of emergent technologies, and records management and compliance. Because ARMA is a nonprofit organization, she’s played a crucial role in providing the financial information nonprofits need through the ARMA publications she edits. She has also been instrumental in showing nonprofits why it’s worth their time and money to pull the purchase trigger on DMS products.

Vicki’s duties include those you’d expect of an editor, and some that may surprise you. In short, she’s responsible for publishing ARMA International’s standards and for their book publishing programs, along with a bi-monthly professional magazine, Information Management. She establishes the strategy for stories, plans them, manages both serial and non-serial publications, and works within a wide range of formats.

As a person who works with the best and brightest in the enterprise content management and document management software industries, it’s easy to see what her main job really is: to focus on both the present and future of document management and enterprise content management as they relate to best practices, compliance, and much more.