Document Management for Human Resource Departments

by Rourke Mace

Employment Applications, I-9s, background checks, drug test results, resumes…. How do I organize and manage my employee files?

HR departments face a huge challenge with all the documents they are required to keep for applicants, employees, and even former employees. Stringent HIPAA regulations complicate things, and just finding a document can be a time-consuming nightmare.

Whether you are a major organization with multiple locations or a small business, you have probably experienced plenty of frustration figuring out just how to overcome the paper challenge for your HR documents.

The solution is easier than you thought. With a document management system like eFileCabinet, you can organize, store, and access all your employee files electronically. eFileCabinet helps you meet stringent HIPAA regulations and allows you to control who can access your files and what they can do with them.