The paperless office has long been heralded as the solution to a multitude of organizational problems. Despite the increasing reliance on secure document management and workflow systems, several paperless office systems are inadequately equipped to handle the dynamic demands of growing small and large environments. The definition of a paperless office has long ranged between a simple scanner-and-computer setup to a server-based digitization and distribution environment. As companies begin to trust their files to the Cloud and emerging technologies make remote file access a reality, paperless operations are beginning to evolve into complete plug-and-play platform solutions.

For several years, eFileCabinet has been at the cutting edge of defining and delivering the future of secure digital document management with a list of features that set us apart from commercial document management software packages.


Some of the key differentiators include:

  • Platform Approach—eFileCabinet offers a comprehensive digital platform that covers the complete life cycle of a paperless office. From the point of digitization to the archival or deletion of a file, eFileCabinet functions as a platform on which an office can function rather than a stand-alone software package.
  • Integration—eFileCabinet’s intuitive desktop, Cloud, and mobile integration allows users to access files anywhere and on any device with the same degree of security, ease of access, and compliance to the most stringent data security protocols in the world.
  • Modular Approach—Recognizing the varied document structures and audit requirements of multiple industry sectors has resulted in eFileCabinet being offered as a desktop product that is ready to use or a Cloud module that is compatible with an organization’s existing systems.
  • Audit Readiness—In order to ensure compliance to some of the world’s leading standards, statues and regulations such as ISO/IEC 27000, CMMI information security clauses, SAS 70 Type II, and PCI-DSS, eFileCabinet offers audit-ready file and folder access, digitization control, digital signatures, and complete document system integration through the SecureDrawer platform.
  • Secure Data Centers—While most document management systems provide some form of Cloud access, eFileCabinet ensures that information that is stored remotely or in the cloud as part of our platform solution, ensuring that trade secrets, proprietary information, patents and operation-critical data remain secure and protected from botnet and manual hacking, viruses, or any hardware-based or software-based corruption.

SecureDrawer also enables intelligent file and folder backup, 256-bit AES encryption and secure document sharing with internal and external stakeholders. This ensures that all data is available immediately following any losses or accidental deletion.

eFileCabinet serves several security-critical industry sectors including accounting, banking, food & beverage, hospitality, legal, aerospace, automobile, media, healthcare, and insurance, providing customized high-security document management services on an integrated platform.

As paperless offices migrate from desktop to handheld devices and corporations spread their reach across multiple geographies, eFileCabinet’s key differentiators continue to be built on innovative data management technologies and customizable platform solutions across industries, geographies as well as a variety of IT infrastructure platforms.