What It is Like Working in a Paperless Office

Take a couple minutes to go through a quick exercise with me. Trust me—

there’s a good chance it will save you a lot of time. At this moment, how many papers do you have on or in your desk? How many are in your briefcase? Take a glance at your coworkers’ desks (please don’t look in their desks). How many papers do they have stacked or scattered? How about those sticky notes on their computers? Don’t forget the planner and calendar. Now, imagine that all those papers just disappeared. For many of you, that would be quite the relief.

The point of this exercise is to show you the direct application that using Cloud document management can provide. Clutter inevitably slows you down, and it keeps you from completing the tasks you need to get done to leave the office. And remember, that’s the goal—to do your work well so you can leave the office at a reasonable time. At the heart of that goal is organization. More papers equals more clutter, and more clutter equals less organization.

Most people can greatly reduce the amount of paper on their desk in a very short period of time through online document management. Simply scan your papers, save them on your hard drive, and then back them up on the Cloud. Saving your data this way is more compact, more secure, and more cost-effective than relying on paper, not to mention more environmentally friendly.

Now, instead of spending countless hours sifting through drawers and getting paper cuts, you can immediately search for that important transaction or insurance policy that you lost track of. If you’re the manager of a business, reducing the amount of papers in your offices can save you a lot of money, and provide your workers an overall more comfortable environment. Now, take a deep breath and get started.

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