Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Document Management Systems (DMS) have a lot of features in common, but EDC is most commonly used in patient clinical trials whereas DMS software is used in many different industries. In this article, we’ll explain some of the features of Clinovo, an EDC provider. Then we’ll talk about how DMS relates to EDC and whether a document management system can help or even replace EDC.


How Is Electronic Data Capture Used?

Electronic data capture is primarily used in clinical patient trials. Previously, clinical tries required patients to recording symptoms or experiences in forms or diaries. After completion of a trail, all of that data had to be entered manually into a database. Electronic data capture eliminates the need for paperwork in the first place.

All of the information obtained through medical records or patients’ observations is now directly recorded using EDC. This saves a lot of time for everyone involved. It also reduces costs because it eliminates the need for repetitive data entry. Finally, an EDC reduces the likelihood of reporting errors, because eliminates the need for transcription by capturing data directly from study participants.

Clinovo – An Electronic Data Capture Provider
Clinovo offers an integrated module that allows patients to use any electronic device to report their information directly into their system. Data is stored in the cloud, but patients can enter their information while they’re offline, too. The system then updates the data as soon as an Internet connection becomes available again.

Comprehensive and Real-time Tracking of Data
Clinovo allows you to track different data for your patients, including test results of bio specimen from different labs and patient consent forms. The data is also seamlessly synchronized to give you real-time graphical reports. This allows you to monitor trials closely and make the right decisions.

Safe and Intuitive
Clinovo is easy to use for your team and your patients. Your employees don’t need to be web developers to set up case report forms inside of EDC, and your patients certainly won’t need any training to report information. Clinovo even recognizes handwriting and converts it into digital data.

Advantages of Electronic Data Capture
The advantages of using electronic data capture are clear. Patients can quickly and easily record information, and clinics can access that information in real time. The data can be used to study the results instantaneously. The costs of conducting a clinical trial are reduced dramatically. Plus, the time it takes to set up the electronic paper trail can be shortened, too.


What Is a Document Management System?

An electronic document management system (DMS) is used to store, manage, organize, and streamline digital information of different types. DMS replaces traditional records management and helps you switch from filing cabinets to a paperless office.

With the help of DMS, your company can reduce the time employees spend doing paperwork. More importantly, productivity in your organization will soar because employees are focused on doing the things that need to get done. This is accomplished by eliminating endless searches for documents and utilizing document workflows to keep employees on task.

How DMS Overlaps EDC
A document management system can be used to store information in electronic format. EDC also stores information, but it doesn’t necessarily do that in the same way. EDC is mainly concerned with the collection of data and displaying it in a way that’s useful for clinical trial reviewers. This is usually done in the form of graphs.

DMS takes your data collection a step further. It helps you collect all of your surveys, medical records, statistics, and patient documentation so you can find them later on. DMS can also streamline the task of archiving the documents you don’t currently need.

A document management system helps you keep your information safe from unauthorized access. There is even an audit trail that ensures the authenticity of your documents. Any edits or alterations are recorded inside of the audit trail.

Do You Need Both DMS and EDC?
Electronic data capture offers unique features that DMS doesn’t currently have. However, a document management system also offers benefits that EDC can’t provide, so your company may benefit from using both EDC and DMS together.

EDC helps you run a clinical trial, capture data in real-time, and use that information to make decisions. DMS allows you to organize your data, keep it safe from unauthorized access, and improve productivity in your office with the use of document workflows. EDC and DMS together allow you to get rid of paperwork as you know it. Both your employees and your patients will thank you for it.

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