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by Don Baker

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Looking for the best document management software (DMS) is like looking for the best payroll software—depending on the amount of business your company does, the right answer might change for you over time. Let me tell you about a DMS system that started over 14 years ago with the goal of helping smaller customers with storing, sharing, and quickly searching for documents. eFileCabinet has been integrated with QuickBooks for years, and that has been a great deal for most of their clients. Recently, eFileCabinet has joined forces with SAGE and has made it simple for you to do business with their DMS if you are currently using or plan to use SAGE as your payroll software.

eFileCabinet is not a DMS system you or your company will outgrow, and that is a promise they have made to their clients. A lot of lost money and lost time happens when you have to migrate between different software platforms. eFileCabinet has over a 150,000 users and continues to grow every day. SAGE works with a lot of great enterprise companies that need a DMS system to manage their documents securely, and it’s no wonder that their clients are looking at eFileCabinet as the go-to DMS for their files.

Workflow has been a very hot topic that SAGE clients look for when considering document management platform and software. When you exceed 100 employees, you are always looking for better, faster, and smoother ways to get work done. With eFileCabinet’s advanced workflow feature, you are able to track down your documents in the workflow, set retentions on the documents, and with this feature, eFileCabinet is willing to help set up your workflow and get the ball rolling.

If you are looking to implement a time-saving, retention-based, secure, document management platform with your SAGE 100, SAGE 500, or SAGE 50 payroll platform, you will not find a better option than eFileCabinet. eFileCabinet has a user control feature unlike any other DMS on the market. They are able to fully back up your data to their bulletproof disaster recovery data centers all over the USA. There’s no better choice available for SAGE users.

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