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What Is Document Management?

We hear the term “document management” with great frequency these days, although not everyone has a clear understanding of what it really means. So what is document management? In general terms, document management involves the use of a specially designed, computerized system to track, manage, and store an organization’s essential documents. Think of a document management system as a type of computerized file cabinet that can completely eliminate the need to keep paper documents on hand in many cases.

The Evolution of the Document Management System

The origins of the modern document management system can be traced to the 1980s when organizations began to search for a more practical alternative to handling and storing large volumes of paper documents. Software developers began to create document management software programs that could effectively manage paper files, photos, prints, and more. Advancements in technology eventually led to the development of document management software capable of managing electronic documents in a wide range of file formats.


Document Management System Features and Benefits

A well-designed and effectively implemented document management system provides several important benefits. Images of paper documents can easily be captured and stored, which eliminates the need for paper storage. It also speeds up and simplifies the process of searching for and retrieving stored documents. Collaboration between individuals and even departments can be simplified if using a document management system, as documents can easily be shared among multiple users.

In terms of security, a document management system gives system administrators greater control over who can access sensitive documents. This is especially important for fulfilling HIPAA and other industry-specific privacy and security requirements.

Another unique document management system feature is versioning, which allows users to update documents as needed, as well as retrieve previous versions. With a feature known as indexing, electronic documents can be tracked through the use of simple identifiers or classified by more complex metadata. You can also integrate some management solutions with other applications, which is especially useful for compliance, internal control, and other collaborative functions.

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