Customer relationship management software, or CRM software, enables businesses to improve their relationship with existing customers, find new prospective customers, and win back former customers. There are many advantages to using CRM software, but it’s important to find document management software (DMS) that syncs with it. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of using CRM and the relationship between CRM and DMS.


Why Businesses Need CRM Software

If your organization generates revenues by selling products or services to customers, then CRM software is useful. Unless all of your new customers simply walk into your store, you’ll need to spend some time finding customers or clients. Most businesses hire salespeople to get new customers. But in order to be efficient and productive, even the best salespeople require a system to help them. Here are the advantages a CRM system offers to your company:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenues
  • Improved internal communication


Why You Need Document Management Software

DMS allows you to store and manage your documents in one secure place. The right DMS solution allows you to access files from your laptop, tablet, or phone. And when you’re looking for something, you can find it with a quick text search. Here are additional features DMS can offer:

  • User-based access
  • Secure file storage and transfer
  • Ability to share files with customers or clients
  • Audit trails
  • Mobile access to your files
  • Full-text search of your documents


The Relationship Between CRM and DMS

In order to use all of the information your CRM provides your company with, you will need document management software. Your CRM system has the ability to collect a lot of data about your customers in the form of emails, surveys, notes, call records, and more. In order to use that information effectively and find it when you need it, document management software is invaluable.

Most of the time, your employees are working with a CRM system in order to find new customers or sell to existing ones. But customer relationships require a lot of paperwork. Your employees may have to generate new sales contracts, find existing paperwork, or add specific sales orders to your customer files.


Why Switching Between Programs Decreases Productivity

If your employees constantly have to leave your CRM in order to search for emails, contracts, or other documents, then they’re spending a lot of unnecessary time and effort on non-productive tasks. Switching between tasks can cause staff to lose focus. In the meantime, it takes a lot longer to respond to your customers and get the job done because your employees are searching for documentation.


Save Time and Money

If your salespeople can work inside of your CRM and generate new business, they are doing what they do best. Integrating your CRM with DMS ensures that they are finding new customers instead of hunting down paperwork or collecting new paperwork outside of your CRM. While integrating your CRM with your DMS may only save your salespeople a few minutes on each transaction, this time adds up.


How CRM and DMS Should Work Together

As you have seen, CRM is essential for your business, and DMS is an essential office solution for information management. Switching to a paperless office with document management software is also important if you don’t want to waste time looking for paperwork. Fortunately, CRM and DMS can work well together, as long as you choose the right solution.


Regardless of what type of CRM your company uses, document management software is necessary to connect the dots. Your CRM provides you with important sales data while your document management software collects internal information, too, including your financial data. Your DMS helps you organize all of your documents and records in a meaningful way. Instead of searching through files on your employees’ computers, emails, or filing cabinets, there is only 1 place you need to search when you need a document.


eFileCabinet and CRM

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