Imagine a typical day in the office (in-person or remote). In order to accomplish your day’s tasks, you have to refer to important documentation. Whether you need critical financial information, like an invoice, an I-9 form to verify a new employee’s authorization to work, or any other type of documentation, everything stops until you can find that file. Now you have no choice but to manually take on the work of locating, routing, and filling out every piece of documentation in your department.

If this problem sounds familiar to you, then you haven’t fully harnessed the power of business automation.

What is Business Automation?

Business automation is the process of taking manual work out of your repetitive business operations. It can make sure all of your policies and practices are followed through accurately. Automation technology is the key to streamlining your complex manual processes and making efficiency part of your business operations. 

There are many types of automation solutions available to businesses, depending on their specific needs. There are options that can speed up extremely specific processes like automatically approving an invoice in an accounts payable team.

Automation also exists on a more general scale. For example, almost every department has to follow up that someone has reviewed a document. Every department across an organization has tedious processes that could greatly benefit from the power of automation.

Why is Automation Important for Businesses? 

Business automation allows organizations to have their personnel work on the things that really matter. Their employees don’t need to spend their time on the processes that anyone (or any machine) could just as easily do. Businesses are made up of people who have a wide range of knowledge and specialties, so they can put those to use while automation software takes care of the rest. 

When their employees are putting all their energy into the work that requires thought and decision-making, businesses can flourish, reaching their most important goals.

A business that is weighing the costs and benefits of automation should realize that it’s not just something that’s nice to have. In order to stay competitive, businesses must jump on automation as organizations across every industry are already adopting different forms of automation. Your competitors are always looking for ways that they can set themselves apart, so you should too.

How Does eFileCabinet Help with Business Automation? 

eFileCabinet has powerful automation capabilities that helps organizations target slow downs within document processes. While you may have grown accustomed to the manual work associated with paperwork, you shouldn’t settle and accept that as your reality. There is always room for improvement.

Documentation seems unnecessary at times, but there isn’t a single department that doesn’t have to deal with some type of paperwork. Think about how much manual work is involved in these processes. You may struggle locating a document that has been misfiled, sending a file to the appropriate receiver, or collecting documentation from colleagues or clients.

eFileCabinet allows its users to solve all of those document problems and more. You’ll be able to create completely customizable workflows as simple or as complex as needed. This means a set of actions will be kicked off upon the completion of others which will put a hold on your manual work.

What Processes Can eFileCabinet Automate?

eFileCabinet can automate a number of tedious processes, but here are some common ones that you may be dealing with daily.

Document Requests

Your work may require you to collect certain information found throughout various documents. You might be accustomed to asking your colleague or client to send you the document you need and reminding them when they haven’t completed it after a few days.

eFileCabinet can automate the collection of documents with Document Requests. You’ll be able to request a certain document type from anyone and they’ll be able to click on a link to easily upload the document. This will automatically file the document to the location that you’ve preselected and send reminders to those that have not yet uploaded the requested document.

Document Governance

There are complex regulations in place about how long you must retain different documents before deletion to avoid legal liability. Without automation, you’ll have to keep these dates in mind and remember to manually delete each document.

Document retention is made simple with eFileCabinet. After a specified time period, eFileCabinet can automatically delete or allow a document to be edited. It can also send out notifications that a file needs to be reviewed. There are customizable options as to what you can make happen to your files after a specified time period.


eFileCabinet can also simplify specific processes that certain departments face. While many of HR’s responsibilities involve slow paperwork processes, onboarding is one of the most time consuming ones. Giving employees a good first impression of the organization is what will ultimately help them decide whether they’ll stick around long-term. Spending too much time requesting files from them will not only take up your time, but will prevent you from being able to spend the time providing them with the tools they’ll need to be successful.

eFileCabinet can automate the entire onboarding process in many different ways. Instead of creating a new folder with all the required documents for each new employee, you can use templates to automatically create a folder with everything you need. With a single click, each new hire’s personnel folder will be ready to go. Automated document requests with reminders can speed up the process of collecting those files.

Accounts Payable

Finance teams also have plenty of things that could be better with automation. With accounts payable, there is far too much time spent waiting on approvals. Typically, they involve letting someone know they need to review an invoice. The approver gets sucked into other important tasks and forgets about the invoice until the requester reminds them it needs to be done.

Those roundabout reminders can be greatly improved with eFileCabinet’s automation. With the click of a button, you can request an approval from a person who is then notified that the invoice is waiting for them. If they haven’t approved it within a specified time period, eFileCabinet will send them a notification that it still needs to be done or send it to someone else for approval. And to make it as easy as ever, the invoice can be approved with just a single click. So it’s done within seconds.

eFileCabinet can automate processes that specific departments like HR and Finance are facing, or can solve the challenges that slow tasks present across every organization. Automation technology is key to freeing up your time so you can focus on the bigger picture and the future of your business. Discover Rubex to see how automation can work for you.