Virtual File Cabinet Software

We hear the term “virtual” with great frequency in relation to computers and computer networks. In essence, “virtual” is just another way to describe a product, service or information that is accessible via the Internet. Anything that is referred to as virtual in this manner exists only in cyberspace and doesn’t take on a physical form, such as a virtual chat room or virtual file cabinet software.

So what is virtual file cabinet software and how does it work?

Virtual Document Management

As we’ve hinted at, this virtual concept is also applicable to the document management process deployed in a business setting. Instead of handling paper documents, the entire virtual file cabinet process occurs electronically and online. A typical example of virtual file cabinet software is when a paper document is scanned into a computer. Virtual file management software, also referred to as “virtual file cabinet software” is used to store the data, just as a physical file cabinet stores paper documents. Virtual file cabinet software can also facilitate the entire document and data management process.

Benefits of Virtual File Cabinet Software And Document Management

Virtual file cabinet software and document management systems offer various important benefits to businesses and organizations of all sizes. When you invest in virtual file cabinet software, your business will:

Cut down on paper – By decreasing the amount of paper that flows through an organization and increasing your virtual filing processes, virtual file cabinet software helps to reduce costs of document management and frees up valuable office and storage space.

Increase worker efficiency and productivity – By reducing the time spent on handling paper documents, virtual file cabinet software can make workers more efficient and productive.

Experience greater accessibility – This virtual filing software enables workers to access documents quickly via computer instead of sorting through stacks of paper files. The electronic nature of the virtual file cabinet software also means that documents can be accessed remotely through a Web-enabled computer or mobile device.

Increase document security – The fact that documents are stored virtually in e-filing cabinets instead of in paper files allows business owners to limit access to sensitive data, which heightens data security. The best virtual file cabinet software products include robust security features such as password protection and data encryption.

Protect against document/data loss – Paper documents can be lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen. Virtual file cabinet software enables critical business documents and data to exist in perpetuity.

Industry-Specific Examples of Virtual File Cabinet Software Use

Virtual file cabinet software can be extremely beneficial for organizations in all types of industries, including:

Accounting – Virtual file cabinet software is widely used in accounting and auditing as a means of reducing financial document retrieval times. This ensures regulatory compliance and provides better client service.

Transportation – A virtual file cabinet software solution can reduce the reliance on the physical storage of the voluminous amount of documents that are required in the transportation industry, while also significantly reducing document retrieval times

Education – Schools and universities everywhere are faced with severe budget restrictions. Virtual file cabinet software helps these institutions save money with less paper consumption, reduced storage space requirements and more efficient management of document flow.

Government – Virtual file cabinet software helps state and municipal government entities comply with today’s stringent document storage and management legal requirements and provide better service to their constituents. Virtual file cabinet software can also help cash-strapped government agencies save money.

Human resources – HR departments today must deal with extremely complex document management regulatory and security requirements, a process that virtual cabinet software can make easier. It can also facilitate the management of personnel documents such as resumes, job applications, payroll forms and performance evaluations.

Insurance – Insurance companies and other organizations in the financial services industry can use virtual file cabinet software for more efficient management of data, keep better track of all relevant financial documents, improve the client communication and service process,  enhance document management capabilities, and ensure compliance with SEC and other government regulations.

Healthcare – The medical profession is significantly impacted by stringent regulations regarding data security and patient privacy. Virtual file cabinet software offers a high level of document management capabilities that are essential for maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Mortgage – Mortgage professionals must efficiently manage a large amount of documents that are part of any home purchasing transaction. The right virtual file cabinet software solution can reduce the paper crunch while enabling lenders to provide faster, more efficient service to their clients.

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