A virtual file cabinet may not seem like the most obvious step toward career advancement, but people who rely on these technologies know otherwise.

One of the most important undertakings a worker can have within his or her trade of choice, is learning how to make career advancements through technology.

More than ever before, the workers who are most familiar with and comfortable using technologies like virtual file cabinet software will prevail over the laggards.

As knowledgeable as the latter of these two types of employees may be in their trade of choice, those who dive-in headfirst in learning new technologies to improve their craft will become far more valuable to the information economy 5, 10, and even 20 years down the road.

The paradigm shift is clear—investing in your technological skill set is a wise blueprint for career advancement.

That’s why we provide our clients with a user conference experience—because we believe in the important role that virtual file cabinet software education plays in advancing workplace productivity, professional development, and ultimately job satisfaction.

So, without further ado, here are the myriad ways that virtual file cabinet software serves as a great technological blueprint for career advancement.

Imaging and Imagin-eering: How Information Comes in to Play

When we discuss imaging, a paperless scanner is what we are really talking about. Imaging is just a fancier term for digitizing documents and other sources of enterprise and SMB information.

The imaging process matters much more than contemporary information management theory gives it credit for, as documents are far more than sheets of paper.

In fact, in the modern information economy, documents are practically a store of value—the same definition that economists would attribute to the stuff that makes the world go ‘round—money.

Yes, money and documents are tantamount to the advancement of companies and global economic efficiency. Just as the way money is potentiated through the way it’s handled, documents are potentiated through the way they are handled.

Therefore, it’s in employees’ best interest to utilize documents correctly to maximize their scope of knowledge and, subsequently, their professional development. This is where the fun part, “imagineering” begins.

In other words, virtual file cabinet software provides the means to engineer your desired career progression as a professional as it lets you fully harness information so you can spend more time making decisions and strategizing, and less time obsessing over manual file management processes.

Virtual File Cabinet Software Improves Human Capital

Virtual file cabinet software helps employees achieve this end not through imaging and routing of documents, but also by improving the impact of human capital.

Human capital is a complex component of the workforce, but virtual filing cabinet software optimizes human capital, and in myriad ways.

In addition to helping employees better manage their time, it streamlines workflow-related business processes, improving business process management (BPM) and collaboration efforts.

However, the more important component of mastering the imaging process and human capital alike occurs in the post-scanning process.

Intelligent Data Capture Leverages Data to Produce Insight

Human capital cannot reach its full potential (and individuals cannot attain their highest levels of professional growth) without leveraging data to produce insight.

Although this is indirectly related to the imaging and scanning process, much of this occurs in the post-scanning stages of the virtual file cabinet software features.

For instance, templating saves a lot of time for all client-based businesses. Instead of replicating an entire folder and information structure manually whenever a new customer or client is acquired, the templating feature of these solutions lets employees re-create the structure with a profound degree of immediacy.

This frees up time for those serious about their professional growth to discover new insights that will not only progress their careers, but also the businesses in which they advance those careers, too.

Consequently, the barriers that form knowledge silos within organizations are positioned to fall, and for the betterment of the companies using virtual file cabinet software.

Overthrowing Knowledge Silos

information silos are far different from “silo mentality,” the latter of these two barriers not requiring technology to dismantle.

Essentially, a silo mentality is an artificial barrier that can be broken with a shift in organizational culture, whereas an information silo implies a technological barrier—something virtual file cabinet software can mitigate and even overthrow these problems.

Knowledge silos are so injurious because they prevent employees from learning from one another.

We can only grow as professionals so much without relying on technological mediums and information technology to grow our knowledge base of our craft.