Mutual workplace respect is essential for having a functional office. Letting employees know that you have a healthy respect for their privacy is important to maintaining a satisfying work environment. It’s common and wise to outline the extent of what an employee’s expectation of privacy in the workplace exactly is in the employee handbook. This can include explicitly disclosing that all internet activity at the office is monitored, as well as public social media activity to see how certain actions and posts reflect on the company.

Being transparent about how you monitor employees’ time at work is an important step to establishing this expectation of privacy, as is ensuring employees that their private information remains confidential as it’s kept in your employee records. 

When a new employee comes on board, some documents pertaining to medical information and background checks are required by federal and state laws to remain confidential. These laws usually dictate that these particular records remain separate from the main employee record, with an obligation of security such as keeping them in a locked container. 

Should you be found to be in violation of these rules, you could be subject to fines and other punitive actions. If an employee’s confidential information is leaked and falls into malicious hands, you and your company could be held liable if it’s determined to have happened due to poor record keeping. Having a system in place to stay on top of organizing your records and having the ability to secure records from potential breaches will protect you and instill your employees with confidence that their information is safe with you.

Permission Tools Are a Virtual Lock Box

Document management software is a means to make the organization of records easier by transferring them all into a central, digital environment. Some people have reservations about keeping their records in the cloud, let alone digitally because they doubt the security of digital documents or don’t understand how their security works.

Rubex by eFileCabinet is a document management solution that makes security and privacy of documents a priority alongside its intelligent organization features. Physical documents that are considered confidential need to be locked up in a separate location from the main folder. With Rubex, you not only can keep the documents in separate locations, but you can put a virtual lock and key on each of those documents with group-based permissions. 

With strict permission rules set for certain document types, only approved users are able to access the documents. Users that aren’t part of the approved group won’t even be able to see the documents in the system. You can give limited access to users to only be able to view the document rather than download it and edit it.

Digital Security Better Than a Lock and Key

With a robust document management solution, you don’t have to compromise convenience for security and vice-versa. Rubex makes it easy for users to access documents while providing top-level security built to prevent malicious parties from accessing company data. Not only are data transfers protected with bank-level encryption, but access to the system can be customized to block threats from both the inside and outside of the company.

There are security features available to combat the issue of user login information falling into the wrong hands, often through methods like phishing. These features include the option to mandate password complexity, so you can require users to create more secure passwords with certain lengths and special characters. There’s also a two-factor authentication option, that requires the use of a separate mobile authenticator. Meaning, that if a user’s password falls into malicious hands, they would still need a second code from the user’s mobile phone in order to log into the system. 

There are several other security options you can enable, such as only allowing access into the system from a designated IP address or only during certain times of the day.

Companies that take their employees’ privacy seriously as well as their own internal security should look into a document management system that not only upgrades the HR department’s record-keeping abilities but makes document security and confidentiality simple to manage. To learn more about Rubex’s benefits to employee document organization, fill out the form below to view a free demo.