ContractAs the internet continues to grow every day, its uses grow as well. The last several years have seen an explosion in online contracted and freelance labor. From writers and editors to graphic designers and software programmers, thousands upon thousands of individuals offer up their services through online contracts.

This form of labor can be a great, affordable way to get tasks completed without having to hire an in-house employee. But how do you, as a business owner, monitor and manage the work that you are receiving in a safe, secure, and efficient way? eFileCabinet and SecureDrawer can offer you exactly the solution you are looking for to manage your contract laborers. Here’s how it works, and why you should consider using it as your workflow management solution.


Easily Set Up Guest Users

Once you’ve found and hired your freelancers, it’s easy to set them up as a user in SecureDrawer. All you need is their name and email address, and they will be able to set up an account to securely receive documents from you. You can then send them any documents relevant to the job they have been contracted for, and SecureDrawer will ensure that the files remain safe and encrypted, delivering them without complications.


Getting the Work Done

When you send work to your freelancer, they will receive an email notifying them that documents have been uploaded to their SecureDrawer account. They can then view and download the documents with just a click and begin working on the job they’ve been hired to do.

When the job is complete, if documents need to be returned, they can simply upload the completed documents back into their SecureDrawer account. You will then be notified that the freelancer has uploaded documents, so you can get to them right away and not experience any delays in your workflow.


Don’t Lose Track of Documents

If you have many freelancing jobs at once, it can be nearly impossible to effectively manage all of your freelancers using email or an online hiring platform. Messages may fall through the cracks, or documents may be overlooked. But SecureDrawer updates you immediately when documents are ready, and those files are always available in your SecureDrawer account, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting an email.


A Simple, Secure Solution

There are many platforms out there that help you to find, hire, and work with freelancers. However, they may not be as secure as you need them to be, and they can often experience downtime or technical glitches that can interfere with you getting things done. If you combine a freelance hiring platform with SecureDrawer and eFileCabinet, you can get contracted work done easily and affordably without worrying about compromising your own security or efficiency.

Using SecureDrawer is easy for you and all of your guest users. If you would like to learn how you can utilize eFileCabinet and SecureDrawer to manage freelance and contract labor, contact one of our business efficiency experts. We can even show you how to personalize your SecureDrawer account with your company brand so that your freelancers are working within a professional-looking platform especially designed for your business.