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You might think you have to decide between using Google, Dropbox, or another document management.


Basic Uses

Dropbox is great for storing unsearchable, insecure documents, like photos that might be public facing. The main strength of Google, on the other hand, is that it allows workers to collaborate within a team or company—though also in an insecure environment. When you need your files to be secure, this is where a DMS like eFileCabinet comes in, as it allows you to modify, share, and store documents privately and securely.


Price and Cost

Two major factors that truly differentiate these 3 options are price and cost. The reason we break up the words “cost” and “price” is because although the price on your monthly fee using Google or Dropbox over eFileCabinet is obviously cheaper, the actual cost of using them instead of a secure DMS could be greater than you realize. After all, is something that stores your data without your consent actually free?


Security Is Worth the Cost

If you want your documents to be private, a secure DMS is worth the price: It won’t take your data hostage like other companies that offer their software for free. Dropbox and Google can be useful tools for your business, but when you need a secure way to store, share, and search your documents, it’s critical to use document management services like eFileCabinet for all documents you want to keep private. And if you’re worried about switching all your private data from Dropbox and Google, the transition is easier than you think with eFileCabinet.

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