When looking for the best document management software in 2015, what are some of the most important features to look for? For one thing, you want to ensure that your document management software (DMS) is using a reliable, certified host. eFileCabinet online is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and here are some of the wonderful benefits for choosing such a highly respected hosting provider.

The first thing to look at while selecting the best DMS is redundancy. Redundancy is an often overlooked aspect when looking for document management software. Redundancy is different than a backup and should not be mistaken for a disaster recovery feature. Redundancy is where you are able to quickly recover data or documents after a hard drive failure or corruption of a document. With eFileCabinet, there has been a lot of thought put into making this application the most redundant document management software available.

Second, you will want a low latency and high availability for your software and infrastructure. HA is a very costly option, and most smaller companies are not able to have a fully scalable software for their company; but with eFileCabinet Online, you are guaranteed a software that will grow with your organization. Outgrowing the SaaS companies you use daily is a good problem to have, because it means you are doing something right and your business is growing. But eFileCabinet grows along with your business, making it easy to stay with one company for all of your document management needs, no matter how big you get.

Finally, AWS has a number of security features that protect your information. They have a built-in encrypted platform that is overlooked by a lot of customers, which protects data from being hacked or accessed by unauthorized outside users. Additionally, the hosting facility itself is locked up like Fort Knox; they have a massive number of physical security features that prevent people from entering the facility and accessing the servers without authorization.


With eFileCabinet Online, you get the benefits of using the best document management software along with the security and peace of mind offered by a world-renowned hosting service. This powerful pair will make your business more efficient and secure. For a free demo of eFileCabinet, fill in the form on this page.