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My accountant has had a paperless office from day one. All incoming documents are scanned into their computer. We review my taxes on a big computer screen and documents are digitally signed. Neat.

However, not all accountants are like this—I’d say in fact most are NOT like this. Many are buried in paper and pass this avalanche of paper on to their clients as well.

eFileCabinet has a document imaging solution and has teamed up with Sage to provide this solution to Sage accountants.

The press release reads, “The partnership will enable users of Sage Impact Cloud-based platform to sign up for and use the eFileCabinet Cloud document management solution from within the Sage Impact dashboard.

Sage Impact is the accountants’ everyday business management platform and go-to for access to payroll, accounting, financial management, business intelligence, community, new business leads and more, all managed in one central hub. More than 150,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet document management solutions to provide simple but effective document management solutions. eFileCabinet’s document management solutions are designed to help organizations capture, manage and protect their data regardless of industry. “

One of my rules for thriving in today’s Uber economy is to leverage technology. Those who do will grow and succeed, those who don’t will move slower, be inefficient and eventually be swallowed up by competitors.

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