With any business investment, there eventually comes a time when you review how well your investment has paid off. Has the return on investment on that new piece of equipment or software been high enough to justify the purchase? To justify continuing the investment? Is it slightly paying off, but could be doing much better if it could just offer more value? Are you unsatisfied with your current document management system? Then perhaps it’s time to upgrade.
It’s important to first review why you pursued a document management system in the first place and why you’re unhappy with your current solution. Was it to make the organization of files easier and now it’s harder? Was it to make searching for documents faster and it’s still frustrating? Were you expecting more functionality? Perhaps you’re dissatisfied with the overall service you’ve received from your current provider.

Is Your DMS Saving You Time and Money?

One of the top, general reasons for implementing a document management solution is to save time and money by streamlining your document processes. Document management doesn’t just save you money by eliminating the need to generate and store paper documents, it’s supposed to help you save by making organization and retrieval of documents exponentially faster, allowing you to reallocate your labor resources to more important tasks. If your current document management system isn’t doing this, or not doing it well, then is it much different then just a digital filing cabinet?

There are lots of services out there that can store large volumes of files for you. They make it convenient for you to have a central hub for documents that your company’s users can access and download documents. However, most of these services lack the functionality to truly be a document management solution. It’s common for these services to have an interface that’s similar to the default file explorer on Windows or Mac. However, like a file explorer, you are limited in your options to browse and search for files.

Similar to a physical document, it’s possible to misfile an electronic document. If a user needs to find a file, it’ll be difficult to track it down if it’s in the wrong folder, especially if they don’t know what the file name is, as the search function can only go by a few factors like a file name.

Furthermore, you still have to do the organizing of files in these systems. A true document management solution uses intelligent organization to automate the filing process as well as many other tasks.

eFileCabinet is a document management solution that utilizes advanced optical character recognition to make filing and searching for documents effortless. Using Zonal OCR software and some setting up, documents can be recognized and filed in the correct location in the system using the information in the document itself. Likewise, OCR is used to power full-text searches of documents. If you don’t know the name of the file, but you have an idea of what’s contained in the document, you can search using any words contained in the content of the document.

Sometimes your decision to move on to a different solution is based on the quality of service you’ve received from your solution provider. Working with such an advanced solution will often require consistent contact and technical support to ensure you’re using the solution to its full potential. eFileCabinet provides responsive customer service and technical expertise at implementation and beyond. Inc. Magazine named eFileCabinet the Best Document Management Software/Systems for Customer Service in 2018.

How to Upgrade

As mentioned above, eFileCabinet’s representatives are eager to assist in implementation, including plotting out a plan for migrating from your old service. Since many services are different, some migrations are more complicated than others, but you will be paired with a customer success manager who will make it work.

To learn more about how eFileCabinet can upgrade your document management process, fill out the form below to view a free demo.

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