Red Bull Paper Wings Germany

If you still have paper filling your filing cabinets and piling up on your desk, we’ve found a better use for it—the Red Bull Paper Wings International Paper Plane Competition. That’s right, your useless office paper could still be used to earn you worldwide recognition for your paper plane skills. The most recent competition was held in May of 2015, and it won’t be returning until 2018. That means you have plenty of time to put your office paper to practical use as prototypes for your title-winning airplane.


The Red Bull Paper Wings competition offers three types of competitions:

longest air time, greatest distance, and most acrobatic flight. The first two are fairly straightforward in their rules. For the longest air time, your plane simply needs to stay in the air for longer than any other. It can take any flight pattern it wishes, so long as it stays within the arena, and the clock stops when your plane hits the ground. For the greatest distance competition, your plane will need to fly straight and true down a long runway; the plan that flies the farthest wins.


Acrobatic Competition

The acrobatic competition is a bit more complex, and you’ll see “planes” of all shapes and sizes in this contest. The winner is chosen based on a scoring system that will give your plane a certain number of points for the acrobatics it performs during its flight. They’ll be looking for loops, spins, and any other airborne antics that may impress the judges. The most exciting, acrobatic flight will win the title.


Team Competition

There is even a team competition, in which your team members are awarded points for placing in the three competitions listed above. If your team earns the most points during the course of events, you’ll take first prize. You know what that means? That right—you need to get your coworkers folding those paper planes too.

So, which competition will you enter? Gather up that office paper and get it entered into an electronic document management system like eFileCabinet. Then, start folding until you create a plane worth of a world title. Preliminary rounds are held in various locations around the world, so look out for one in your area in 2018. When you make it to the championship round, everyone here at eFileCabinet will be cheering you on!