Remote work environments have continued to make strides with new technology that’s allowing workers to seamlessly perform their jobs whether in the office or at home. The year 2020 has made this essential for businesses to continue operations while being forced to work remotely.

The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is a trade association that represents manufacturers of HVAC and water heating equipment. Lisa Cardinal is the Senior Director of Human Resources for the organization. 

One of AHRI’s primary functions is to administer certifications for member companies’ products. As such, the organization itself must meet the highest compliance standards in order to set its own standards. 

Among Lisa’s many responsibilities, one of her primary duties is to ensure that her department’s records are organized so they keep strict compliance and that they are prepared for the numerous audits they receive. 

However, throughout 2020, Lisa’s company has issued stay-at-home orders, opting for employees to work from home. 

Prior to implementing a document management system, Lisa says her department’s documents were 98 percent physical paper. This led to issues of misfiling, people not filing, and unorganized files. 

“With the stay at home orders, one of the things that doesn’t stop is business— audits still happen,” she said. “If I didn’t have [Rubex] everytime we needed a certain file, I’d need to get permission, drive to the office, look through files, scan them in, and then use a file share program to get them to the right people.”

The Solution

Lisa had wanted her department to go all digital for years, and was finally able to make the leap in 2019. She and her team looked into several solutions and sat through several demos. In the end, the team could clearly see that eFileCabinet provided the security and features they needed. 

“We needed a better way to be able to maintain this information — so we made the decision to go with eFileCabinet. Nobody likes filing, but we need to be able to review it for compliance and for auditors.”


“Now everything goes into eFileCabinet. Nothing is sitting on our desktops, both our real desks and computers.” 

Lisa can’t imagine what they’d do without Rubex. One of her biggest priorities is ensuring that her department is following the best practices for organizing personnel records, benefits information, and private medical information. Rubex makes it easy for her and her team to organize everything exactly how it needs to be.

“When we’re preparing for an audit, I don’t have the fear of wondering if a document is missing.”

One of Lisa’s favorite features in Rubex is the built-in help function. It allows her to get a virtual, step-by-step walkthrough for different features and functions she wants to learn more about. Just a single-click gives her access to quick guides, the full support page, and live chat with a support team member.

“Support has been awesome. They check up on us—make sure we have everything we need. I’ve never felt abandoned.”

Having a reliable system that’s supported with a top-notch cloud infrastructure and award-winning technical support is crucial for organizations trying to perfect their remote work strategy. Rubex keeps your documents both accessible and secure, all with the tools you need to stay efficient and productive.

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