If you want your business to continue to flourish, you have to consider the benefits of going from physical paper filing to digital file management. You may not have considered changing your filing system in the past; however with the technology available today, it’s something to think about for the future. There are many advantages to switching over to a digital filing system. Let’s take a look at a list of advantages to switching over to file management software.


Reduced Cost

File management is a system that will eventually start paying for itself in a number of ways. For example, with an electronic system, you won’t have to use physical storage space to hold your files. You’ll also save money on printing reams of documents. Employees become more efficient when they don’t have to spend their time going through physical filling cabinets. Documents stored digitally are stored at a lower cost than physical files.


Eco-Friendly Advantages

By going digital, you take away the massive misuse of paper many companies suffer from. If you’re looking to improve your company’s image, consider going green. On top of the other benefits, changing to a paperless office can give you tax benefits. Going green even helps you keep your supply costs down. Having a digital filing system can positively change your business.


Streamlined Business Operations

It can be extremely difficult to retrieve physical documents that you file and store in your office. Documents can get lost easily and may not ever be seen again. Document loss can happen due to human error, breach of security, or even a natural disaster.

These are things that will not happen with a digital system. When searched for, digital documents can be found within seconds. Sit down at a desk and you can find documents easily without losing hours of work. It takes far less time to find documents and leaves you more time to work on more important documents. Using a digital system allows you to become more efficient, saving your company both time and money.


Higher Security

If you only have a traditional filing system, anyone can access it, look through documents, and do with them what they please. If you have a digital file management software system, you can set different levels of protection so that all your documents are confidential and can only be accessed by specified employees. With a digital system, you can have passwords attached to your documents or folders. You can specify which users get access to which folders with role-based permissions. Data encryption and audit trails help you to keep a record of what files were used and when they were opened. With a file management software system, you can keep all your important documents far more secure then if they were in a file folder.


Reliable Archiving

Natural disasters, such as fire, flood, or earthquakes can easily destroy all the paper files in your office. Most of the time, these documents can never be recovered. This is not a problem when using a digital filing system. Your data can be stored on servers that are located virtually anywhere, so you can archive all your files safely without ever having to worry about losing those files. If you’re using a Cloud-based system, you can access your files anywhere, including through an app on your mobile device.

Having a file management software system within your company is important. Don’t deal with the stress and hassle of a paper filing system anymore when you can have it all in one place with easy access.