Matt Peterson’s article, Top 5 Reasons to Take Your Office Paperless in 2014, was picked up and published by The Huffington Post on January 21, 2014.

Another year is in the books, and if your company is like most offices everywhere, you have been keeping a watchful eye on two things. First, if your fiscal year coincided with the calendar year, you just finished your December sprint by working at break-neck speed to hit 2013 revenue targets and finish the year in a strong financial position. Second, and with the start of 2014, you are or should be making preparations for the coming year and how your company can become more efficient while keeping expenses in line or reducing them where at all possible.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, every company is looking for ways to do more with less by shoring up operational inefficiencies with the ultimate goal of becoming more profitable. Significant efficiency can be gained through the right mixture of human training and technology adoption. One technology that is seeing widespread adoption across the business landscape is the implementation of electronic document management (EDM) systems; perhaps more commonly known as paperless software.

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