Modern businesses operate in a world where documents are rapidly being created, revised, updated, and shared constantly. Even a small business can move through a staggering amount of documents to perform routine functions, which makes it even more important that all businesses have a system in place to organize and access these documents.

One of the best ways to organize the overwhelming amount of documentation that businesses deal with is by implementing document management software (DMS) through a software solution. By digitizing and electronically storing all of the documents that your business creates and controls, you can quickly store, retrieve, and edit any document that you need to access. The cloud-based architecture of most of these systems means that collaborating with users and employees becomes infinitely easier, as anyone with the appropriate permissions can instantly access the documents they need online.

Sometimes Document Management Software May Not Provide Needed Functionality

However, many modern businesses must also adhere to strict government regulations, such as ISO, that must be met by filling out and filing the appropriate forms and paperwork, and then keeping those documents on file for mandated amounts of time. These documents may be updated or revisioned, and it is important to have a record of previous versions available and clearly distinguished so that a clear audit trail can be distinguished, should any of the documentation be called into question. In this case, document management software may not be enough, and a business may need to find a document control solution to organize all of their files.

What exactly makes a document control system distinct from document management software? A document control system can normally perform all of the functions of document management software, but has increased security, version control, and hierarchical organization controls. Here are 5 of the best document control software solutions available on the market today.


A powerful document management program with document control features built right into it, Dokmee is a great solution to a document control issue. Dokmee is built to integrate with your email programs, office software, mobile devices, and even scanners, making it one of the most functional and easiest to use organization and document tools available. Dokmee has regulatory compliance features and multiple security levels built into its service, including ISO compliance. However, Dokmee does lack some important file workflow tools that prevent projects from moving at top speed. Additionally, there are certain version control tools that are noticeably absent that may allow a user to accidentally work on an old document.


PinPoint lets you install its document management software from either your server or PinPoint’s own Cloud data management servers. One of the more unique features of PinPoint is that it not only will save to raw, native file of the documents you upload to it, but it will also automatically create a PDF of each file that can be opened by any user, regardless of whether they have the same software the document was created in. PinPoint also features full security features, version control and regulatory compliance tools. PinPoint’s main weakness is that it’s not backward-compatible with older machines, so if the infrastructure of your business depends on older technology, you may not be able to run it effectively.

M-Files DMS 10

M-Files DMS 10 is a powerful document control software solution that makes document management a breeze by integrating its design into features that are native to Windows, letting you control your documents with the tools you use in Windows every day. On top of that, it monitors every change made to any document and is tracked, monitored, and stored, so you see any modifications that are made, and where they came from. However, since M-Files DMS 10’s architecture is tied to Windows at its core, it is not available for use with Apple technology. If your office depends on Apple computers, you will need to look somewhere else for a document control solution.

PaperPort Pro 14

Another document control program that integrates fully with Windows, PaperPort Pro 14 scans your Windows folders, so you don’t have to upload files manually into the software. PaperPort Pro 14 also has extremely extensive security to protect your most important files, while the comprehensive document management tools offer full version control, and regulation compliance.

Like M-Files DMS 10, however, the heavily integrated nature of PaperPort Pro 14 means that it does not work with Apple devices. Additionally, the software lacks customer relationship management integration, so if that is important to your business, you will need to choose a different option.


A leading document control software solution, eFileCabinet is a fantastic tool to organize all your documents while implementing full control over them. eFileCabinet is one of the few document management systems that was designed with compliance at the forefront and some of the most complete document retention and encryption technologies that can be found on the market. Quality control and industry requirements are an important part of eFileCabinet’s mission. These include ISO compliance and

eFileCabinet is also designed to integrate directly with Microsoft Office software and has built-in regulatory compliance and workflow tools. It provides an automated cloud backup service keeps your data safe and accessible. When signing up for eFileCabinet’s service, training is provided on how to how to use it’s document control processes.

To learn more about how eFileCabinet keeps your documents organized and your information secure, visit our website. When you’re ready to see what eFileCabinet can do for your business, fill out the form on the page to receive an informative 15-minute demo.