You’ve heard about document management, and you are wondering if it’s really everything it is hyped up to be. You may also be wondering if it could really benefit your industry and workflow. Here at eFileCabinet we’ve asked ourselves the same questions and have come up with some surprising answers. Here are some specifics on how your particular industry can benefit by a bit of extra organization, more office space, greater security, and peace of mind.



Startups cannot afford to add the issues associated with a paper filing system to the long list of challenges faced by entrepreneurs attempting to grow a new business. Organization is the key to many successful endeavors, and a new business is no different. With document management software (DMS), you can make sure you are on point and organized from the outset. Implementing DMS into your startup workflow garners multiple benefits:

  • Growth potential: As your company grows, so will the amount of people and papers floating around your office. If you have document management software up and running, you can train new employees from day 1 on the use and workflow practices of your company.
  • Premium space: As your company grows and fills with additional people and papers, you will find that office space is a valuable commodity. Don’t waste valuable real estate with filing cabinet after filing cabinet. With DMS, you won’t have to worry about where to put the next large metal box.



The transportation industry is highly regulated. The paperwork and cost of managing transportation paperwork is astronomical. Besides the regulations associated with trucking companies, logistical specialists, and other transportation industries, understanding what load is going where and getting it there in an efficient manner is the key to a successful business.  With a proper DMS program, you will spend less time on workflow processes and more time on the important things within your company, whether that is expanding your customer base, being the speediest in the industry, or providing stellar customer service.

Some of the documents that will be streamlined with DMS within the shipping industry include the following:

  • Packing slips
  • Invoices
  • I-9s
  • Payroll records
  • Schedules
  • Affirmative action documents



DMS is used to increase office efficiency and eliminate the often costly inconsistencies that are commonplace in companies that use paper-based processes.  In the insurance business, this is complicated by the levels of review that each new policy application sees as it makes its way through multiple individuals before settling in its final resting place. With DMS, a workflow for specific types of documents be specified in advance, and sensitive documents can be protected by authorized views, edits, and deletes based on role-based access rights.

Additionally, DMS can provide the audit trails required by the insurance industry, and can provide streamlined processes and profit generation through the following:

  • Instant access: A customer calls after hours? No problem! With your DMS, you’ll have instant off-site access to all policies and information needed to give high-quality customer care.
  • Electronic workflow: Your company can and will save copious amounts of time by implementing logical workflow processes with your DMS. Automatic filing, deleting, and more will save you having to file away every document that ends up in your inbox.
  • Structural search: If your staff is used to filing cabinet searching, with tabs and hierarchical structure, DMS offers a familiar way of file retrieval for the “slow-to-adapt” in your office.
  • Search and retrieval: With DMS you can search for documents or files with a single keyword, a whole file name, or just a few “I’m guessing” words.
  • Disaster recovery: DMS offers multiple backups, stored at offsite locations, so that you don’t have to worry about fire, flood, or other disasters taking out all of your documents and files. Could your company reestablish operations after a disaster?

Whether you’re involved in a startup, the shipping industry, or insurance, a top-notch DMS provider is the way to go to increase efficiency, establish smooth and functional workflows, and create traceable audit trails. Fill out the contact form on this page for a personalized demonstration of our DMS today.