By Maureen “Mo” Elinzano

We all love technology, right? From our ongoing obsessions with our beloved electronic devices ‘laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.’ to our ongoing obsessions with the latest advancements in technology to our ongoing obsessions with getting the latest app (there’s an app for that), we’re all obsessed with technology.
America has proven itself to be a popular and well-respected technical hub in the world, with tech heavyweights like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft as well as promising startups being founded and based in the country. Cities such as the famed Silicon Valley, San Diego, Kansas City and Seattle have proven to be areas of high-tech advancement and also as providers or tech careers and jobs.

Is your favorite city on our list? With help from Forbes, Travel Channel and PC Mag, tech out (I mean, check out) the slideshow above of the top 15 tech cities in America.

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