eFileCabinet Document Management Software
for the Title Company Industry

Working in your industry requires the use of a lot of paperwork. Between payment schedules, titles, deeds of trust, and homestead declarations, your job involves a lot of paper. But how often do you feel like filing, storing, and accessing all the necessary documents you need gets in the way of doing your job?

You’ve probably spent more time than you would have liked looking for documents that were either filed incorrectly or thrown away. Not being able to find things in a timely manner can be frustrating and looks unprofessional. Isn’t there an easier way to handle all of the documents your industry requires?

There is. eFileCabinet is the solution.

Before I started using eFileCabinet, I had three physical file cabinets and the paperwork was continuing to build. In any given week, I would spend at least an hour a day searching for old files and filing new information. Since implementing eFileCabinet in January of 2014, I now spend under 20 minutes a week finding and filing the appropriate items electronically. Better yet is the mobile application that allows me to talk with a client on the road, find the information they need on my iPhone through the eFileCabinet App, and get them an answer in minutes instead of usually the next day.

eFileCabinet helps title companies manage:

Payment Schedules
Deeds of Trust
Homestead Declarations
Powers of Attorney
Grant Deeds
Social Security Information
Tax Exemptions
Billing Information
Trust Transfer Deeds
Lots of Other Title Documents!
Paperless Title Company Document Management System SoftwareeFileCabinet is the leading digital Document Management System available in the title documentation  market. With our proprietary software, editing, accessing, and storing your documents is easy and intuitive. You’ll save time and money by using a paperless DMS, freeing up your employees to more effectively serve your customers.

I save approximately 3 hours a day by not having to go to the filing cabinets.

Automotive Dealership Document Management System Software DMS

eFileCabinet also offers secure storage for your sensitive documents. Instead of letting your documents sit in filing cabinets, where they can be stolen or damaged, eFileCabinet will store your documents electronically, keeping them safe.

There’s never been a better time to go paperless — try it today!

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