Life isn’t quite what it used to be. I remember the days of scattering paper all across the kitchen counter and table to try and organize all of the bills that I had to pay each month. Technology has made tasks like paying bills and storing files much easier than it used to be, but just as my kitchen used to become a loosely organized disaster zone, my computer has become a clutter that reaches far beyond my desktop and into the online world.

Have Your Files Backed Up and Stored in the Cloud

Nothing is more devastating than losing all of your pictures, videos, and important work documents because of failed hardware. These things happen, and we need to be prepared. Our online document management system is perfect for backing up files digitally and storing them in the Cloud. For the files you don’t store in the Cloud, be sure to back them up to an external hard drive or thumb drive. This works great for pictures, videos, etc.

Organize Your Files

It’s easy to lose track of files. I do it all the time, and it’s usually because I’m not following this simple rule. It’s much easier to find the right files when you need them when they are all named using a basic system. We wrote about file naming conventions just recently, and it’s worth a look. Once the files are named properly, you’ll need to decide how they should be organized. Place files inside folders to help you find exactly what you need.

Make Sure Your Computer and Documents are Secure

We wrote a blog post recently about security that went into a bit more depth than this section. Be sure to always change your passwords, restrict the use of open Wi-Fi networks, and keep your software programs up-to-date. Developers spend time updating programs to improve them, and that usually means enhanced security.

Cut Out the Fat

Sometimes it’s just not necessary to keep old documents. These files could be anything from old files that are now outdated, or things not related to what you do anymore. This can be the most difficult part of organizing your life in the digital world, but the most rewarding. Once you have the excess minimized, you can feel good knowing that your files are easy to find and retain.