By Leyah McFadden

The idea of spending money to make more money seems counterintuitive, but it’s an idea that has been around for ages. You’ve heard the phrase, “It takes money to make money.” It’s simply a catchy way of saying that investment works, and going paperless with eFileCabinet is one of the best investments your company can make. As you research our plans, you’ll find that our pricing is competitive and quite reasonable, especially when you consider all the financial benefits you’ll reap.


Saving Energy

save-energyPrinters, copiers, and fax machines are the culprits that use up paper, but they also use more energy than you might think. When they’re not running constantly, you’ll likely see a dramatic drop in your utility bill. In fact, just having these pieces of office equipment plugged in slowly drains electricity and money out of your wallet. In Minnesota, one company used a kilowatt meter and found that a medium-sized copy machine used 0.42 kilowatt hours when idle, costing them about $25 a month, or almost $300 per year.

The number could be much higher if you calculated the cost for each paper-related piece of equipment in your office. With sophisticated document management software like eFileCabinet, you will rarely need hard copies of your documents, and you’ll be tempted to get rid of some of those printers, copiers, and fax machines.


Saving Supplies

When you’re on the path to becoming a paperless office, obviously you’re going to save money on paper. But have you ever considered how many office supplies exist simply to supplement paper? For one thing, you won’t be printing, copying, or faxing nearly as often, so you won’t need as much toner or ink, which can get pricey fast. And when there’s very little paper to file, you’ll rarely have to purchase file folders or storage boxes.

Plus, if you can replace paper mailings with emailed or electronically shared documents, you’ll cut down on envelopes and postage. And once your office has caught the paperless bug, they might even be willing to do away with sticky notes!


Saving Space

save-spaceIf you can eliminate an enormous copy machine or two, your office might start to feel a little empty. But when you consider all the empty file cabinets and storage boxes you can remove after scanning everything into eFileCabinet’s electronic document management system, you might have entire rooms that become vacant. Extra office space can transform into extra revenue if you know what to do with it.

Perhaps you could set up that extra space with desks for new employees who can help you build and manage a growing client base. Maybe a new break room would improve employee morale and help them make more sales. You might even consider downsizing to a smaller office with a lease that is significantly less expensive.


Saving Time

save-timeUltimately, the most important way eFileCabinet can improve your bottom line is by freeing up your time, which is a priceless commodity. There is no limit to how much extra profit you can make when you’re spending time on your company rather than managing its paperwork. With extra time and less paper cluttering your office, you’ll be able to think more clearly, and that’s when your best ideas are likely to form.

Start a new marketing campaign, reach out to a new demographic, give your clients the care that will make them customers for life, branch out with a new product to develop. When you’re not bogged down with paperwork, your stress levels will decrease, your passion for your work will resurface, and your profits might just skyrocket.

If you would like to make your business more profitable with the help of eFileCabinet, give us a call!