By Leyah McFadden

Have you noticed that instant gratification is becoming the norm? When people find themselves waiting for something, they are more likely to feel disengaged and disconnected. This is true of the business world too.

If your company can’t offer instant gratification, especially when it comes to sharing information, your clients won’t feel connected to you, and their loyalty could waver. eFileCabinet is the ultimate tool in connecting you with your files, and when you have all that information right at your fingertips, you can connect better with the people who need it. Read on for 3 scenarios that illustrate our point.


Scenario 1

Finally. You’ve reached your tropical destination after months without a vacation. You’re sitting poolside, your favorite beverage in hand, your mind free and clear. And that’s when it hits you. You forgot to sign that paperwork. Your team won’t be able to make any progress on that project all week long if that paperwork is left unsigned. The client will be furious if their project is delayed that long, and it will be all your fault.

Your anxiety is fleeting though, because you have eFileCabinet. You pick up your mobile device, open the electronic document management app, and within moments, the paperwork is signed and emailed to your team. With a sip of that refreshing drink, you sigh contentedly, knowing all will be well at the office when you return.


Scenario 2

As you take the elevator up to a potential client’s office, you’re not sure if you’re more excited or nervous. You know how important it is to make a good first impression, especially when you want them to sign a contract to do business with your company. Before you know it, you’re seated in the conference room, pulling out your laptop as the meeting begins.

It’s not long before a question arises regarding a deadline in the client’s contract. You quickly pull up the document with eFileCabinet and easily answer the question, but they want to renegotiate the deadline. You are happy to oblige, and once a new date is settled upon, you immediately make the change to the document. They’re so impressed with your efficiency that by the end of the meeting, they electronically sign the contract right there on your laptop. As you use eFileCabinet to email each of them a copy, you also take a moment to share the document with your boss, wishing you could be there to see the look on his face when he opens the file.


Scenario 3

Your daughter waves to you from centerfield just before the kickoff. As you wave back, you can’t help wondering if you made the right choice in leaving work early. You know, of course, that this soccer game is important to your daughter, but your new assistant is covering for you, and you’re not convinced that he can manage without you yet.

By halftime, you haven’t heard from your assistant, but just as you begin to relax, your phone rings. Your assistant explains that he’s on the other line with a client who needs information from a file. He used eFileCabinet’s advanced search option, just like you showed him, but he can’t find it. Without even ending the call, you open your eFileCabinet app, find the file, and use the SecureDrawer feature to send the file directly to the client. Within moments, your assistant is back on the other line, making sure the client received the file, and you’re cheering wildly as your daughter scores her first goal of the season.

With eFileCabinet, the best in the document management industry, you can be better connected, not only with your own office and clients, but also with your personal life. It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation, with a client at their location, at your daughter’s soccer game, or anywhere else. In every scenario, our advanced CloudView technology connects you to all your documents in such a simple way, you’ll feel more connected with all the people in your life.

To start connecting better in your professional and personal life, connect with eFileCabinet today.