The March issue of Country Guide Magazine just published an article on “The Paperless Farm.” Included in the article are some great quotes from CEO, Matt Peterson, mentioning eFileCabinet’s document management solutions and SecureDrawer. Read the full article here.

“Being able to access information from anywhere in the world is one of the current drivers of growth for electronic document management,” says Matt Peterson, president and CEO of eFileCabinet, based in Lehi, Utah. Their software platform creates a central repository for all documents, emails, spread sheets, etc., in one place and allows you to share them with others if you want.

You can choose to put documents in a “secure drawer” so your advisers can have secure access, says Peterson. For example, your crop consultant could have access to all your field records. “This is more secure than emailing data,” says Peterson.

The software also makes it possible to restrict access of some files to certain employees. For example, only you and your spouse might be granted access to the employee files.

Storing your data on the Cloud protects your data in the event of fire, flood, hurricanes, earthquakes, or computer theft.