The Lowdown on AIIM’s North American Training Partners

The Association for Information and Image Management, also known as AIIM, is one of the leaders within the global community of information professionals. The mission of AIIM is to aid organizations and employees of organizations in the battle of Information Chaos information professionals fight against in this electronic era. They do this by providing solutions to 4 key business problems.

The 4 business problems addressed by AIM include the following:

  • How can the risk of growing volumes of content be managed?
  • How can the content-intensive processes of businesses be automated?
  • How can we collaborate and engage to better use content?
  • How can insights be gained from all of the collected information?

These business problems addressed by AIIM are done so through 4 different avenues. These avenues include the following:

  • Market research
  • Expert advice
  • Community
  • Skills development

The avenue discussed in this article is the area of skills development. The areas of skills development addressed by AIIM include the following:

  • Training programs: Credentials in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), and Electronic Records Management (ERM) are offered both in online or in-person learning settings.
  • Certified Information Professional: A certification that qualifies you as having a broad understanding of all organizational assets and prepares you to be a valuable information steward.
  • Tutorials and short courses: Learning on-demand courses and tutorials.

Enterprise Content Management

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? The definition of this has evolved over the years as technology and electronic records have grown and improved. In 2005 the definition was as follows:

ECM is the technology that is used to manage, capture, store, preserve, and deliver documents and content relating to organizational processes.

In 2008 ECM changed to include (in addition to the 2005 definition)
: ECM strategies and tools allow management of an organization’s unstructured information, wherever that information exists.

In 2010 the definition of ECM changed again to include the information found in 2005 as well as addressing the fact that ECM covers information management within the entire scope of the enterprise, including information found in the form of paper documents, electronic files, database print streams, and email.

eFileCabinet and ECM

eFileCabinet understands and pays special attention to Enterprise Content Management because, simply put, that is what we do. We have a large stake in allowing companies, employees, and businesses to safely and securely manage, capture, store, preserve, and deliver documents within the enterprise, from business to business, and from business to customer.

We do this by providing document management platforms to our clients where they can input and create electronic records, file these records into user-friendly and logical areas, easily retrieve these records, place restrictions on certain records so only those you designate can access them, and properly dispose of records when the time limit of accessibility is up.

You can also send and receive emails and other security-sensitive documents with cutting-edge security.

AIIM’s North American Training Partners

AIIM is an authority in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and its training partners are authorities in preparing companies and employees to receive credentials in ECM. The partners in this training endeavor include the Holly Group and the ECM Institute.

The Holly Group:

This group supports and advises any organization that is seeking to improve the processes of their business-critical information, content, records, and processes. They focus on helping implement best practices for your plans, procedures, policies, and technologies. Other areas of focus include strategy development, vendor selection, needs analysis, and user adoption.

The training offered by Holly Group includes certificate training in BPM, ECM, or Certified Information Professional exam preparation. They also offer classes in Change Management, achieving Maximum Total Value, and writing effective RFPs.

ECM Institute:

ECM Institute offers customized courses to meet the specific and detailed ECM training goals of your company or enterprise. Some of the courses they offer include the following:

  • Business Acumen Training (for ECM): Based on learning how to understand and maximize your workflow operations.
  • CompTIA CDIA+ Exam Prep: This course gives you what you need to pass the exam as well as applicable knowledge to use on-the-job.
  • Certified Efficiency Expert: A course to get you certified to work alongside your clients to help them review existing workflow processes, instruct on industry best-practice, and make recommendations for appropriate hardware and software.
  • Document Imaging: These classes provide information on both low-and high-volume scanning and document imaging practices. There are multiple classes on this subject including document imaging terminology, imaging business start-up, and high-volume imaging.

As you explore the training and certification options available through the partners of AIIM, you will learn that AIIM and these partners are the leading industries within document storage, management, and compliance. Here at eFileCabinet, we closely watch the industry standards and best-practice and we ensure our products and platforms meet and exceed these standards.

Contact us today to learn more about the products offered by eFileCabinet.

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