Increase productivity and please customers with document management software.

Document management software (DMS)

represents a technological and cultural change in how companies are conducting business. Digitized, archived, and secure documentation has a far greater impact on the profitability and credibility of a company than ever before. Converting to a paperless office is a win-win for both your business and your customers. DMS and electronic file sharing allow for faster and more accurate access to information, which not only increases workflow productivity, but also quality perception from customers—the sooner you respond to customers, the more organized you appear and the happier they are.

Customers are the single largest group of beneficiaries of a paperless document management solution. Comprehensive Cloud management software can not only improve productivity and reduce overhead, but it can also result in faster file retrieval and quicker turnaround times for customers. A paperless domain-customized solution can deliver these benefits quickly and securely, transforming your business into one that is far more customer-friendly, efficient, and compliant.


Many industries

(banking, human resources, real estate, healthcare, etc.) handle large quantities of sensitive documentation. From HR documents to accounts receivable and accounts payable to credit reports, medical records, and legal disclosures, the volume of paperwork a company processes can be overwhelming. Placing documents on a Cloud storage platform allows companies to securely disseminate important documentation through access-controlled folders that ensure documents are only viewed by the appropriate parties.


Key Benefits of DMS

It saves time. Instead of calling to find out the status of a transaction, customers can simply view the status online or from a smartphone or tablet. Customers can also electronically sign documents, which saves them the hassle of driving to your office or having to mail documents. Convenience makes for happier customers who are more likely to stay loyal and give referrals.

It’s more secure. Paperless software can mitigate the threat of misplaced or destroyed key documentation and client data. The digitization of all or even key intellectual property and trade secrets can mean the difference between business continuity and bankruptcy. Better security also means better stakeholder assurance of greater control and security over enterprise and customer data.

It’s mobile. The ability to access files and operations-critical documentation while away from the office is vital. In today’s business world, employees and customers are often located in different regions and may not always have access to a computer. Making documents available in a Cloud-hosted folder allows business to continue anytime, anywhere. This is not only more profitable to the company, it is also a confidence-building factor for customers, proving that an organization can operate efficiently in any situation.

CRM integration. Having direct access to client-related documents via a CRM solution is a tremendous productivity boost to any organization. Imagine round-the-clock access to items such as sales agreements and automated reminders for contract renewals, all from within the client record.

When it comes to solutions, be sure to do your research. According to Gartner, core capabilities of document management should include check-in/check-out; version control; security and library services; image-processing applications; and workflow, retention, and records management. Web content management, social content document sharing and collaboration, and advanced search/archiving capabilities are also important components to consider.

Your business will run smoother and your customers will be happier with DMS. Creating a secure web portal for your customers is also a great way to free up your time and that of your employees. If you have a site set up where your customers can access, upload, and manage their own files in connection with you, it saves both paper and time. Customers won’t have to wait to receive their information, and you don’t have to personally fulfill the task. Your customers are happy because their needs are being met. They have all their personal account information at their fingertips, and that easy access makes them feel important and cared for. They are your priority, and you’ve made them feel that way.

Matt Peterson is the president and CEO of eFileCabinet. Founded in 2001, eFileCabinet provides an electronic document management solution designed to help organizations capture, manage, and protect their data.

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