Document management is a productive module that has been helping companies better manage their documents, images, and reduce the use of and need for paper. eFileCabinet has brought on construction guru Don Baker to help us figure out how to make document management work for construction companies. Don has worked as a sub-contracting estimator for over 6 years. While bidding work for general contractors, he found that the most secure way of going through this process was to drop by the office of his contractors and take an hour to bid the blueprint in person. This approach is not always an option, and truth be told, it was not quite as secure as it appeared to be. eFileCabinet has found a much better, faster, and more controlled way to provide blueprints to your subs without the need to set up a time for reviewing. eFileCabinet has a retention feature built into the software, mixed with a secure portal for sharing documents with your subcontractors. You are able to very quickly choose how many subcontractors get to see what documents and for how long. The first thing you do is select a document you would like to share. Second, you select the folder your particular subs are linked too. Finally, you will upload or drag and drop your document into the file; at that time, an email or notification will be sent out to your subcontractors who are linked to that folder. Within that email, your subs will receive the secure portal login credentials. Once they are logged in, they can review the document(s), make changes, or submit actions requested. As the general contractor, you have the option to place a note, alert, security feature, or timer on each document uploaded to the shared file. Once a subcontractor completes the bid and uploads the revised copy of the document, you will be notified of the completion of work via email. eFileCabinet is the world’s best construction content management tool when it comes to security, efficiency, and sharing of documents and image—either from your desktop or on the Cloud. You can take a photo of a change order on the job with the mobile app and upload it back to the office securely with a click of a button. You are able to pull up, modify, share, or change any document from any place with an internet connection with no issues. If you are in the construction industry and are looking for a place to store your files, images, and documents, fill out the form on this page for a free 15-minute demo of eFileCabinet’s software.