Are you looking to save money, protect your business, and increase customer and employee satisfaction? Consider eFileCabinet’s document management system products. This video will explain 4 primary reasons why utilizing this technology will benefit you or your company.

Step 1:

A secure client portal. Having a secure client portal ia much safer for confidential data and information that is transmitted over the web. Emailing sensitive attachments is very insecure, and is much more dangerous than most people realize. SecureDrawer, eFileCabinets client portal, is heavily encrypted, and helps protect our customers bottom line, your company, and your customer information and privacy.

Step 2:

Federal Compliance is Easy

Risk associated with keeping and storing people’s personal information, tax information, etc. is drastically reduced with eFileCabinet products. We help our customers stay SEC, FINRA, and HIPAA compliant. Ultimately increasing customer and employee satisfaction and reducing risk.

Step 3:

Use Streamlined Tools

The client portal must be closely synchronized with the document management system to run at maximum efficiency. Our products (SecureDrawer and eFileCabinet online and desktop) are designed to be streamlined, synchronized, and user-friendly. We’ve created a number of features such as forms and pre-made templates to make our products as intuitive as possible.

Step 4:

Integrates Easily with SecureDrawer (our client portal)

Our document management system (DMS) software (eFileCabinet Desktop and eFileCabinet Online) integrate easily with SecureDrawer for easy, instant, and secure sharing of documents.