In this Webinar, we put eFileCabinet products up against SmartVault, one of our largest competitors, to see which document management system performs better under criteria such as speed and ease of use. Next, we look at the ever-expanding scope of eFileCabinet products versus SmartVault’s more limited features.


What does eFileCabinet have that SmartVault doesn’t? We’ve identified 10 areas where eFileCabinet products have an unquestionable edge over SmartVault:

1. Speed—In our test eFileCabinet Desktop finished 5 times faster than SmartVault.
2. More Choices—eFileCabinet offers not just an online version (Cloud application), but also the blazing-fast desktop version. A third product we offer is SecureDrawer, our client portal.
3. Role-Based Security—eFileCabinet works hard to not just make it easy to access documents, but also to manage them responsibly in compliance with HIPAA.
4. Setting Alerts—This allows users to prioritize most important tasks by setting alerts to remind them of upcoming high-priority items. Tasks will then be sent out to anyone connected with that task.
5. Document Retention—This gives the option for deciding how long to keep files on record. This is an especially welcome feature if you wish to purge documents after the mandatory span of time to keep them on record has expired.
6. Drag and Drop—An easy and simple feature that allows the quick and easy transfer of files between folders and cabinets. You can even drag whole folders and they will retain their integrity.
7. Predefined Templates and Profiles—Predefined templates and profiles allow for quick creation and setup of cabinets.
8. File Versioning—This feature allows users to have options to store new versions, rename files, append documents, and prepend documents to other documents.
9. eSignature—This allows documents to be signed electronically and sent out electronically, saving on postage and time.
10. MS Office Integration—This feature adds a button within Microsoft Office programs that allows insert to send documents to eFIleCabinet directly from those programs.