The 10 Most Paperless Cities in the World

      1. Silicon Valley
         The hottest tech hub in America located in the San Francisco Bay Area
         with the highest proportion of STEM and tech jobs in the country and basically
         every major tech company has bases here—but really, though!

         Companies: Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco Systems, Adobe, eBay, HP

2. Seattle
The popular capital city in the Pacific Northwest known as the “Emerald City”
has 700 tech companies establishing camp there and tech jobs with an average salary
of $99,423. Is it called the “Emerald City” because of all of the money you’ll make there?

Companies: Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing

        3. Washington, D.C.      
        Our nation’s capital isn’t just known of government and politics—
        but is a major tech hub too! D.C. boasts the second-highest tech and
        STEM jobs in the country with an average salary of $98,323.

        Companies: Lockheed Martin

     4. San Diego      
        This gorgeous Southern California city is more than non-stop sunny weather and
         beaches and surfing (although these are all awesome qualities)—San Diego has upped
         their tech game in recent years, especially in the field of biotechnology.

        Companies: Qualcomm, plenty of startups through ExoNexus Incubator

        5. Salt Lake City      
        Utah’s capital city in the heart of beautiful mountains has attracted its fair share
        of major tech heavyweights. Lower taxes, a well-educated and multi-lingual
        workforce and the beautiful nature that surrounds the city are the main draws of SLC.
         Also, the Utah capital city was chosen to be the next recipient of Google Fiber.

        Companies: Adobe, Electronic Arts, Twitter

6. Boston
“Beantown” is getting noticed for their wicked awesome innovation in biotech and software.
With qualities like being near the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) in Cambridge
and a specific area geared towards startups called the Innovation District, Boston is
becoming a tech giant.

Companies: Google, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle

7. Austin
With major tech companies like Twitter getting their start at South by Southwest (SXSW),
Austin’s annual interactive festival, and as the second city to get Google Fiber,
it only makes sense that the hipster hub in the great state of Texas is also a tech hub,
especially for small businesses.

Companies: Oracle, Dell, IBM, Google, Amazon

8. Cincinnati
The Ohio city is home to 10 Fortune 500 companies. Enough said.
Companies: Proctor & Gamble; Macy’s Inc., Kroger
(not tech companies, but awesome all of the same)

9. Houston
This Texas is city is home to NASA and the Johnson Space Center,
so it has to know a little something about technology since the city
helps people go into space, right? Tech jobs abound in Houston,
especially with mere existence of the Houston Technology Center.

Companies: Qualcomm, Apple

10. Los Angeles
The home of Hollywood and the Kardashians (Yes, I mentioned the Kardashians)
is also the home of a booming tech industry. L.A. tech employees can earn an average salary
of $95,345 (so you can live like a Kardashian) and can hone their skills in a city that is predicted
to outdo Silicon Valley in terms of startups (appropriately to be called “Silicon Beach”).

Companies: Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, Tinder, Snapchat

11. Denver
The capital city in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains was meant to be a tech city—
the city has a district called the Denver Tech Center (Um, hello!) that has been around since
the 1970s that boasts some major companies basing their headquarters there.

Companies: Lockheed Martin, IBM, Oracle

12. St. Louis
This major city in Missouri and home of the famous Gateway Arch
not only saw tech job grow hit 23.1 percent last year (more so than any other
city in America), but it’s also the home of co-founder and current CEO of Twitter,
Jack Dorsey. So obviously, St. Louis knows a thing or two about tech.

Companies: AT&T, Boeing

13. Philadelphia
Philly is home to three very important American icons—the Liberty Bell,
Rocky Balboa and the beginning location of one of the most iconic
TV theme songs in history (“In West Philadelphia, born and raised…”).
The City of Brotherly Love is also home to a growing tech community.

Companies: SAP Americas, Comcast

14. Kansas City
The major Midwestern city isn’t known for high-tech advancements, but Kansas City
has plenty of tech events to boast about. The city was one of the first to get Google
Fiber and it also has a plethora of entrepreneurs flocking there because of the very
cool KC Start-Up Village.

Companies: Sprint, Garmin, DST

15. Portland
The popular Pacific Northwest city known for its weirdness, hipsterness (is that a word?),
one of the funniest satire comedy shows ever and a love for the environment also has
a love for technology. Like “Silicon Beach” in Los Angeles, the Oregon city is known as
“Silicon Forest” for a cluster of tech companies that are making waves in the industry.

Companies: Google, HP, Sharp Corporation

By Maureen “Mo” Elinzano

Going paperless is the present and future of the office, with email, scanning, e-Signatures and electronic document management, among other features, becoming more and more prevalent at the workplace.

Many cities in the United States and around the world are slowly transitioning into a paperless office culture, but several cities are transitioning faster than others. From the major cities like New York and Los Angeles to foreign hubs like Helsinki and Mumbai, paperless is taking over America and has gone international.

Pack your bags, book your e-Tickets, and check out the 10 most paperless cities in the world.

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