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  • “Besides saving on printer costs (paper, toner, and upkeep), we soon realized a time savings by having all historical documents at our fingertips, electronically. No more running to the file room to sort through paper files to find what we need. No more sending piles of paper through a fax machine to furnish an extra copy of a tax return to a client on hold until, after calling them back afterwards, we have time to locate their information in the file room in a metal filing cabinet.” Full Story
    Kevin Gable, Gable Tax Service
  • “Not only was space a concern, but document retrieval was also. As the Program Manager, I’ve seen a large decrease in the amount of time it takes to store and retrieve required documents since using eFileCabinet. I would guess I save an hour or more during the day by not having to visit the file room and manually search for documents. The time HR spends to conduct employment verifications are cut in half, allowing the department to focus on more pressing issues. ” Full Story
    Darrell Mooney, Reliance Aerotech Services, Inc.
  • “Having a document management system is a great way to keep personnel files, payroll data, OSHA 300, I-9’s and anything else you can possibility think of to scan. It is so nice to have a personnel file at your fingertips at your desk. It is easy to email information to managers or legal inquiries. ” Full Story
    Sherry Lightfield, Gulfeagle Supply
  • “With eFileCabinet, my office is better organized. I am still in the process of cleaning up the piles and clearing out file cabinets of papers that are being scanned and organized into eFileCabinet, but the difference is already awesome. I have found that I am saving an average of about 5 hours per week in time I was spending searching for documents.” Full Story
    Dennis Bounds, CPA
  • “The most fantastic part of eFileCabinet so far is getting rid of all the hard copies of documents and thus clearing out tons of stuff that has taken up so much physical space! Secondly, since eFileCabinet is already in compliance with federal and state guidelines for storing protected information, I did not have to create our own separate procedures for this. The documentation that eFileCabinet provides in terms of compliance was greatly helpful! ” Full Story
    Therese Lentz, Healthstrides, Inc.
  • “The speed of eFileCabinet is much better than Lacerte’s DMS. My next phase in the conversion to eFileCabinet is to learn the secure portal and develop templates for all my existing drawers.” Full Story
    Norris C. Harstad, Benchmark, Aspen and Associates, Ltd.
  • “The benefits way outweighed the cost of the product. One benefit is that now our staff can access accounts payable and utility billing customer information from the office or from out in the field, and they don’t have to take up finance or front office staff time looking for information. Staff can print copies of information without worrying about misfiling when it is put away or losing the information. In addition, our filing time has decreased as we are now scanning documents and not filing the hard copies.” Full Story
    Christine Morris, Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority
  • “This has saved us time, money, and SPACE! We have eliminated a 5-drawer and 4-drawer legal-size cabinets, freed up space, and are down to one drawer for (what I call) vault documents. We are saving approximately $7,440.00 per year and have freed up approximately 24 feet of space. eFileCabinet has made my life easier and that makes me happy! ” Full Story
    Penny Nevarez, Emerge Financial Group
  • “We had a document management system that was no longer continuing their services; we were fortunate to have found eFileCabinet. We have seen many benefits since switching to eFileCabinet. The ease of use has been better than our previous software.”
    Melvin B. Friedberg, PA
  • “We originally looked into obtaining a document management system in order to go as paperless as possible. We have been delighted with eFileCabinet. Since its implementation, we have drastically reduced our storage bills since we can now scan and destroy the files. It has also given us the ability to email secured files to our clients, which our clients are very happy with.”
    Mary P. Gannet, LaMarco, Baron, Orbuch & Co LLP
  • “We no longer have to file massive amounts of paper, search for that one file within many, or make copies so that we can provide them to our clients. Now with eFileCabinet, we simply search, attach, and send! We save time, money, and the ever-annoying paper cuts!” Full Story
    Jane Skinner, Johnson & Semken, CPA’s PC
  • “We have saved at least $500 per month for separate rental facilities for storing all the hard copies of 7 years of documents for our clients. Also, we are saving at least 2-3 hours per person per day (in tax season) to paper file our tax returns. We also save money in printing copies for clients, which means saving money on paper.” Full Story
    Priti Shah, Desai & Shah, PC, CPAs
  • “With electronic storage, I find I have saved on paper, supplies, and storage costs. I am also able to retrieve files more rapidly when a client calls without having to leave my desk. Hence, I am more productive, but do not get as much exercise as I used to running to the file room.” Full Story
    Michael Hanrahan, CPA, CFP, CFE, MCBA
  • “A few of the benefits of eFileCabinet that our office has experienced include: 1) Easy file retrieval, 2) a lot less paper, 3) the ability to view previous years’ information without looking for paper files, and 4) security. ” Full Story
    Terry Rabe, CPA
  • “Prior to eFileCabinet, we would receive 20-30 emails a week from reps trying to track down information. Now we receive maybe 2-3 a month! Huge savings in labor and time.” Full Story
    Angela Krejchik, Consolidated Sales Network
  • “Before I started using eFileCabinet, I had three physical file cabinets and the paperwork was continuing to build. In any given week, I would spend at least an hour a day searching for old files and filing new information. Since implementing eFileCabinet in January of 2014, I now spend under 20 minutes a week finding and filing the appropriate items electronically. Better yet is the mobile application that allows me to talk with a client on the road, find the information they need on my iPhone through the eFileCabinet App, and get them an answer in minutes instead of usually the next day.” Full Story
    Ryan M. Utecht, New York Life Insurance Company
  • “We originally looked for document management due to the large amount of documents we had a desire to have organized in a way that was easy to navigate. We have been able to search and find documents much more quickly than before, and we have seen a significant increase in productivity as well as saved a fair amount on paper and employee wages.”
    Shawn K. Yates, Marketing Assistant, Maxam
  • “One of my partners was at a conference where eFileCabinet had a display. He came home and suggested we give it a try and we have been extremely pleased. Every time we need any help, I have always been happy with your customer service and technical support.” Full Story
    Anneta Chapman, Virden, Chapman & Virden, PLLC
  • “We are very happy with the efficiency and speed of the scanner recommended by the eFileCabinet representative. We have never had luck with scanners and have had to purchase multiple scanners before and/or repair our scanners, which is costly. The combination of eFileCabinet with these scanners will cut our overall cost greatly! ” Full Story
    Christine Sampson, R & S Tax Solutions
  • “We began looking into a document management system to address space limitations, to increase efficiency and effectiveness of searches, and for preservation of the older documents in the office. eFileCabinet was the best choice for us because it provided a full enterprise DMS scaled down to meet the relatively simple needs of a small non-profit without sacrificing features.” Full Story
    Chelsea Robertson, Labor Union
  • “We looked for a DMS to cut down on paper usage. We also knew that was where the accounting, tax and financial planning industry was headed. With eFileCabinet, I have been able to transfer the files from ArkWorks fairly easily, and I can store my financial planning documents securely (according to SEC/FINRA regulations).”
    William E. Jones, MSBA, EA, CPA, PFS
  • “Time during tax season is very expensive time. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. Ten or fifteen minutes a return may not sound like much, but during tax season that is pure gold. If you figure about 800 returns, that amounts to 200 hours. Or five more weeks! The savings on 800 returns including paper, toner, printer wear, and labor would have to exceed $5,000.” Full Story
    James T. Scherer, CPA
  • “Our office was rapidly growing and we were looking for more efficient ways to run our office without all the paper laying around. With one click we have all our clients’ information in one area without having to search through several years of files and paperwork.” Full Story
    Becky Ryman, Scheibe Accounting, LLP
  • “We researched approximately 10 programs and determined that eFileCabinet met our needs. eFileCabinet is easy to use, thus making the staff more productive and giving greater efficiency in preparing returns, replying to client questions, and in the review process. The scan features are great and save us time when saving info to a client’s file.” Full Story
    Kim A. Conklin, CFE, Wendroff CPA
  • “We save money in labor and supplies as there is no longer a need for so many file folders, file cabinets, file storage, etc. We have saved at least 5-10 hours per week and at least $20,000 per year with eFileCabinet.” Full Story
    Janice Villaflor, IBEW 1269
  • “We were growing at such a rapid pace that things were getting lost and misplaced. We couldn’t afford to lose client data or get it mixed up with other clients’ files. Hence we needed help, and building our own custom software was out of the question. eFileCabinet has been a godsend. Our CEO swears by it.” Full Story
    Sameer Sharma, CFO, S. Sharma Tax, Inc.
  • “We definitely needed a Document Management System. The problem was that most of them were cost prohibitive. Then I met James Blaylock at a CSEA Super Seminar and he had what I had been dreaming about with eFileCabinet. eFC has helped tremendously.” Full Story
    Stephen A. Nathanson, E.A.
  • “We have just transitioned to eFileCabinet, but once everything is up and running correctly, we anticipate to cut at least $1,000/year in paper cost alone. Also, we have a position that we fill during the busy time, for a person to come in and make copies. That position requires 8 hours/week. With a fully functional DMS system, we will no longer need to fill that position!” Full Story
    Charlene Cesena, L.F. Hodge & Associates, Inc.
  • “Although I’ve only been a user for one month, I’m very happy that I can streamline my manual document management processes and, at the same time, set up a highly encrypted, specialized document retrieval system to give my clients secure access to.”
    Carl R. Maccarrone, EA, Signal Financial Services, LLC
  • “Without eFileCabinet, I would not have been able to prepare, store, and file 300 returns. My productivity has increased at least 20% since the introduction of eFileCabinet to my office. I am very happy with eFileCabinet and would not continue in practice without having this software.” Full Story
    Dale W. Ogden, CPA, Ogden & Showalter PLLC
  • “Lacerte’s DMS was unable to do document retrieval based on keyword searches for documents in storage. Due to its architecture, we had difficulty doing daily backups as well. Using eFileCabinet has eliminated the issues we were encountering with Lacerte. eFileCabinet’s product works well.” Full Story
    Roger Hansen, Director, Comprehensive Financial Management
  • “The number one benefit of eFileCabinet is quick access and search for the document that you need. With the decrease in the amount of time it takes to find a document, it allows for greater productivity throughout the day. ” Full Story
    Colby Community College
  • “When we first looked at eFileCabinet, over 10 years ago, we were looking to transition to a paperless office. eFC seemed to be a great fit for our office.”
    Compu-Tek Financial Services, Inc.
  • “It typically costs me about $10 to mail a tax package with tracking. At least half of our out-of-town clients allow us to do it all electronically, which is about $250 in savings. Every year more clients agree to this.” Full Story
    Claudia Stanley, CPA, EA
  • “The benefits of going paperless with eFileCabinet are numerous. We gained space in the office, we cut down on the labor for having to refile folders, and we cut down on the expense of printing an extra set of everything to keep in our file drawers.” Full Story
    Heidi Motroni, Southward & Associates
  • “Our personnel files were overflowing, and we needed more and more space to maintain personnel records. With eFileCabinet, all of the personnel files are at the fingertips of each HR staff that needs to have access to them. We’ve seen an increase in productivity because I no longer need to request files pulled and refiled, and I can look up any employee file in seconds. ” Full Story
    Stephanie McQuillan, Human Resources Manager, City of Show Low
  • “eFC has allowed me to be more responsive to my clients’ needs…. From printer ink to paper, mailing folders to postage (not counting the time spent in getting things to the mail), we’ve saved approximately $1,450/month during tax season. ” Full Story
    Jyacinthia Roberts, Shooting Stars Business Management
  • “eFileCabinet has been beneficial and allowed us to be more productive while expending less time on tasks. It definitely cuts down the aggravation of searching through extensive paper documents to find a single page. ” Full Story
    Stacy Mahar, Paralegal, J.E. Sutton & Associates
  • “We were able to move electronic records on our computer drives into eFC and organize them in a folder alphabetized by employee name. This saves time by creating only one place to go for all items relating to an employee. We’ve seen about a half hour of time saved in paper filing each week. We are happy with eFileCabinet.” Full Story
    Ocean City Home Bank
  • “We definitely experienced an increase in productivity upon switching to eFileCabinet. Instead of leaving workstations and digging in the files, our staff can just open eFileCabinet for whatever files they need. eFileCabinet’s search feature is a breeze, which really helps a lot.” Full Story
    Carol Catapang, Office manager, Donald L. Moore & Company, CPA
  • “We were looking for an easier way to have a paperless office. With eFileCabinet, we have had easier access to an online cabinet. Productivity has increased and we save money in supplies and labor.”
    Steve R. Madsen, CPA, madsen and Company
  • “We have definitely seen an increase in productivity; it is much faster now to put information into the correct location. We have probably saved approximately 5 hours a week so far.” Full Story
    Angelo Gallo, CPA, P.A.
  • “With eFileCabinet, we have had the ability to search documents for keywords and are able to quickly access stored files on any company computer. This saves about 20 hours a month when going back to previously scanned records for information.” Full Story
    Matt Jacobsen, Quartzdyne, Inc.
  • “A benefit to using eFileCabinet software is the security and safety of our clients’ information. We definitely save money in mailings and paperwork, because instead of mailing items out, they can access it digitally.” Full Story
    Sheena Wilson, Craun, Freeman Tax & Wealth Management
  • “Knowing that our data is in a safe environment and stored for easy access whenever we need it is important to us. We probably save 10k per year in labor costs because you keep track of all this info.” Full Story
    David M. Richardson, CPA
  • “Since using eFileCabinet, we have seen an increase in productivity. It takes less time to scan and save documents than make copies and file them. We save money in labor and supplies.” Full Story
    Fred Freifeld, CPA
  • “We no longer have to box our files up at the end of every year, so it saves us time, space, and money. We only have to keep our files for so many years so it is nice you can put the retention date in the files and not have to continually keep up with when you can get rid of the documents.” Full Story
    United Mechanial, Inc.
  • “I was using another vendor and liked what we saw with eFC and the simplicity of use. The Mobile App is great!! And now we can access everything from one central area. It saves us at least 3-6 hours a week from going to get files out of a file cabinet.”
    Brad A. Bosh, Farm Bureau Financial Services Agent
  • “Working with eFC has been a very positive experience. Benefits include saving money on filing supplies and file cabinets, and on shipping expenses for us and our clients. Our clients like that we’re ‘green’ and paperless. We have saved thousands of dollars not having to ship paper via snail mail or other carriers.” Full Story
    Rynni Henderson, Client Relations & Business Development Director, Henderson CPAs
  • “We were looking for an easy way to be able to search, find documents, and store documents. eFC allowed us to accomplish this. Benefits range from cost savings in paper and toner products to the easy accessibility of files right at your desktop.” Full Story
    Kevin Wells, Nipisihkopahk Education Authority
  • “We save money in labor costs and supplies because we no longer have staff duplicating data gathering, input, and management of data, along with printing costs. eFileCabinet saves us many hours of manual entry, which would typically cost us approximately $1,100 per month.”
    Anita Pielaet, IT Director, RNR RV Center
  • “We save $$ on paper, boxes, and no longer have rented storage. Customers are VERY happy that we can mail encrypted documents at a moment’s notice.” Full Story
    Jay Vander Pol, Vander Pol & Zager, CPAs
  • “I love the product, but most importantly I love the people. The entire process from purchase to implementation to continuing to learn has been easy and seamless.” Full Story
    Catherine Ozment, CPA PLLC
  • “eFileCabinet has saved us time and money. We have lowered our cost on rent–which is a significant savings for us… Installation and deployment of the product were very easy and it continues to work for us to this day–there is little to no maintenance. ” Full Story
    Brett Simpson, Backman Title Services
  • “Many positive comments can be made for eFileCabinet as an electronic Document Management Software. While other DMS applications have become stagnant, eFileCabinet has pushed the horizon in many respects, such as the following: seamless import of data from another DMS database, the ability to automatically archive file retention for a duration determined and specified by user, ability to set up Drawer and Folders on the fly, quick and efficient advanced document search functionality, ability to restrict user settings in a multiple-user office setting, quickly identify empty folders and drawer, remembers the last used location in storing documents to a specific client folder, ability to apply Mass Templates, and prompt, courteous customer and technical support.”
    Nancy L. Patrick, CPA, Wyoming Business Solutions
  • “I can not give you a recommendation though I absolutely love what it has done to my organization. It has set my peeps free to blend work and living. The reason I cannot give you a recommendation is because it would be like telling your friends about a great restaurant and then everyone will know. EFC gives me a competitive edge that I plan to exploit further.”
  • “We’ve been able to cut down on the amount of paper we send out. We can email a client a 150-page tax return in minutes. eFileCabinet saves us time and money. We told eFileCabinet what we needed and they did it all for us. When we have a problem, we call them and they fix it. Their support team is the best!”
    Bob Friedlander, Carin D. Friedlander
  • “We purchased this product to save time–period. We search for files often, and now we can do that without leaving our desks. This cuts the searching time down tremendously. The fact that we’re saving money on supplies, saving maintenance on printers, and have more room because of less files is just icing on the cake! In one department alone we’ve experienced approximately a 35% savings in time. ”
    Dustin Smith, OTR Wheel Engineering
  • “eFileCabinet has enabled us to move forward as a company. We are more efficient by having everything stored in one place that everyone has access to. We have been able to save so much time and money.”
    Kaleb Paddock, California Retirement Plans
  • “eFileCabinet is easy to use–you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure it out. It is very user-friendly. We had the product up and running within a few days.”
    Lori Roscher, Walsh Tops, Inc.
  • “I save approximately 3 hours a day by not having to go to the filing cabinets.”
    Rosa Rodriguez, La Rosa Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • “We looked at a few other solutions, but we went with eFileCabinet because of the customer service we were getting and the design aspects that we liked that were similar to some of the other programs, but at a much more reasonable price. eFileCabinet had everything we wanted.” Full Story
    Amir Khastoo, Frank Akef & Company
  • “I am absolutely blown away by how user friendly the eFileCabinet product is while still being able to handle extremely complex situations with ease. We are very happy customers.”
    Rebecca Giffune, Eagle Payroll Service, Inc.
  • “Not only did eFileCabinet solve my client’s need for consistent electronic storage which scaled with his business, but eFileCabinet also helped to solidify us as a trusted advisor to my largest client.” Full Story
    Scott Brennan, CMIT Franchise Owner
  • “eFileCabinet has been a great tool to use now that the office has decided to go paperless. It has allowed the office to search files without having to go through piles and piles of paperwork. The ease of the transition has been very painless.”
    Trina Elmer, Groeneveld Mountain Regional
  • “eFileCabinet and SecureDrawer are the perfect solutions for our productivity needs. We encourage you to discover for yourself the benefits of eFileCabinet and SecureDrawer productivity. Your clients and customers will be glad you did.” <Full Story
    Gregg and Debbie Graening, GSFS, Inc.
  • “The program itself has already saved us 4 to 5 man hours in two days. We are able to find the file we need quickly and save time printing. Now a two-person job can be done with one person. What used to take a whole day takes an hour at the most.” Full Story
    George Encinosa, Coos County Airport
  • “We have been able to save a couple of hours each day looking for and filing the documents, not to mention the expense of paper and toner.” Full Story
    Ray Johns, RW Johns Financial Group
  • “By not having to spend time accessing 30 or so files daily by hand, it is going to save me around $5,000 dollars in labor every year.” Full Story
    Ed Mullis, Allstate Agencies
  • “eFileCabinet is a product I have been using for several years and I find it most beneficial in organizing and maintaining my files for my clients, both in the tax arena and in the financial industry. While there are many products out there for a paperless-type environment, I believe eFileCabinet is the best!” Full Story
    Michelle Kane Griefenberg, E.A
  • “Hurricane Katrina left our office in six feet of water and with tons of useless paper documents that cost more than $6,000 to shred and dispose. This experience truly opened our eyes to the importance of electronically storing and managing our office files.” Full Story
    Tom Babbit, Jackson Hewitt
  • “eFileCabinet has allowed our firm to increase our business through increased productivity and efficiency. Our office employees are big fans as well. It is easy to use, and the return on the investment has exceed our expectations. I would recommend it to all HD Vest advisors or any business looking to become more efficient and productive.”
    Tim McDaniel, McDaniel Wealth Management
  • “It is very user-friendly, which is a must for us because we are not technical-minded people.”
    Full Story
    Debbie Cunningham, Debbie Cunningham Insurance
  • “The Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus and eFileCabinet software saves me time, not having to go pull physical files, when I can pull it up with just a few clicks of my mouse.”
    Tami Henry, Plustek Technology
  • “We’ve been using eFileCabinet for about a month and a half, and it has been an excellent transition. Not only can we drastically reduce our paper files, we can offer our clients access to their files as well… from anywhere, at any time. Thank you, eFileCabinet, for your help in converting us to a paperless office!”
    Shandra Hilman, QB Solutions, Inc.
  • “eFileCabinet’s new Online version has been an awesome addition to our office software. It makes accessing our files easy and convenient no matter where we are, whether in the office or out of town. The features offered really enhance our office productivity.”
    Becky Leggett, EA, Darlene S. Stone, CPA
  • “eFileCabinet has saved me money and time. It makes it easy to find paperwork without getting out of my chair. It saves money because we buy much less paper. We no longer need to make copies of paperwork for our file.”
    Randy Railey, H.D. Vest
  • “I’ve been a user of eFileCabinet software for eleven years. Going paperless and finding an alternate way to store the abundance of paper my tax office handles (and needs to keep) was the best business decision I ever made. I highly recommend this software to any and every type of business that still uses physical filing cabinets for all their important files.”
  • -Gloria Hill President, Hill & Associates
  • “You know, I am really impressed with eFileCabinet’s Technical Support team. Every time I call in, you guys know the problem and give me a fix in only a couple of moments.”
    Rick Sherwood, Lampton Hayes, PS
  • “eFileCabinet is a great tool. It is like having a never-ending file cabinet; a monster file cabinet, without all the paper.”
    Full Story
    Cindy Lanham, McDaniel Financial Services
  • “eFileCabinet has been a great tool for Colby Community College. With the help of the on-site training, our campus was able to fully embrace all of the possible uses from this product. We knew it was a great resource before, but the on-campus training enlightened our users on all of the benefits.”
    Samantha Tolle, Colby Community College

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