Folder templates are one eFileCabinet users’ key tools for saving time. It may seem like a simple concept, but templates afford users the freedom to craft and organize their ideal filing system without repeating the same steps whenever creating new folder structures.

As a user that’s responsible for the organization and compliance of your business’s or department’s various records, you know the tedium of creating new folders, sub-folders, and required documents. Whether it’s a new client, new employee, new account, etc. your company likely has a standardized method for organizing files.

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Folder templates aren’t new for a digital filing system, where copying and pasting your preferred structure of premade folders and subfolders is simple enough. And while this is a time-saver, it still doesn’t account for the various security and compliance controls required for most digital records. Rubex by eFileCabinet does much more than save and recreate folder structures.

Organizing Your Template

If you haven’t already been using templates in your document management system, it’s not too late to get started. 

Once you have access to templates in the admin menu, the interface allows you to create libraries for related templates you make. Create your ideal folder structure with the necessary sub-folders and names. Add predefined file names which include spaces where you can insert a quick name and date to a document you drop into the folder, ex. Invoice [Last Name, First Name mm/dd/yyyy]. You can also add documents you want to consistently appear in your templates. Applying the template will create a copy of that document.

As you build your template you can set profile items, permissions, governance, and automation rules for your folders and documents.

Applying Your Template

Putting your templates to use is simple. Apply your template to any folder with the right-click menu.  You can also mass apply a template to all of the sub-folders in a folder or cabinet. 

Templates are universal, so whenever you make changes to a template, you can sync those changes with all folders you’ve applied it to.

Rubex templates save you time, eliminating the repetitive task of recreating the same folder structures over again and allowing you to make changes to a mass amount of folders with only one step. Get started with our ready-made templates that you can customize and make your own. 

Ready-Made Templates