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Technology document management software can help move companies in the right direction, as the technology they sell to liberate others is part of their brands, as are the processes by which they produce this technology.

Bring your brand’s innovation full circle with eFileCabinet by managing a paperless office to improve operational processes, reduce project turnaround times, simplify compliance, and get ahead of the fiercer-than-ever competition.

How eFileCabinet Can Help Your Technology Company or Department

Why should technology professionals choose eFileCabinet? Besides getting rid of the avalanche of paperwork overtaking the office, there are mounds of practical reasons for your office to convert to electronic document management.

Work at the speed of thought, but without human errors

Automate redundant processes

Save space and money

Keep all documents and files in one place

Waste less time

Eliminate lost and misfiled documents

Work from anywhere

Facilitate compliance and ensure security

Improve customer service

Achieve a consistent file structure

Securely share files of any size

Control access and track files

Fast track document turnaround

Protect and expand your business

Maximize your performance

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Bring Innovation Full Circle with Technology Document Management Software

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eFileCabinet Technology Document Management Software Helps Navigate Industry Changes

As Information Technology faces consumerization and the lines between personal and work information are increasingly blurred, technology departments and IT Managers face unique challenges when it comes to information management.

How do you let workers (especially of the millennial generation) rely on personal devices to complete work out of office without sacrificing security? eFileCabinet is the answer.

With Mac and mobile-compatible document management solutions, eFileCabinet ensures security of information from a range of locations and devices—helping IT Managers conquer the challenges of modern information management.

Leverage Our Technology Document Management Software Open API

“One of the coolest things that we’re doing is working with the open API in eFileCabinet to interface
with our other programs. We’ve built our lab information management system with the sequel server,
and our IT department is building the part that works on tablets.” -Jonathan Felt

Make Going and Staying Paperless Easy with Zonal OCR

Want a records manager you can nix from the payroll? Want to eliminate the work required to manually type information into specific fields? What about a simple way to go and stay paperless?

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SecureDrawer: The Web Portal to Connect the World

Our web portal, SecureDrawer, is a highly encrypted alternative to breach-susceptible email. In addition to bank-grade, 256-bit AES and SSL information security, SecureDrawer lets you share large file sets without having to remove the information from the portal—drastically reducing the possibility that sensitive data is compromised.

As a point of contact for those you work with, SecureDrawer also offers opportunity for custom branding, letting you tailor this file sharing feature to your brand’s colors while simultaneously leveraging a custom URL to drive more traffic (and brand recognition) to your website.

Role-Based User Permissions

Role-based user permissions differentiate standard users from users with permission to access certain files within eFileCabinet, your centralized information repository.

Administrators can also manage file retention schedules and employees with equal precision—automating, in many respects, the managerial process as its relevant to documentation.

This feature also provides ‘view only’ access to organizations in any industry subjected to audits, ensuring unauthorized parties cannot change information.

Enterprise Access: Satellite/Remote Access

eFileCabinet Online’s Enterprise Access prevents the need to audit and review documents in person at various branches of an organization, ensuring compliance among various office locations, helping administrators regain control of unstructured information and content.

Why Technologists Prefer eFileCabinet


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About eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is a leading provider of electronic document management software for small to mid-sized businesses. With electronic sharing capabilities and paperless filing, you can cut out pounds of paper and save your business time and money. With features like eSignatures, optical character recognition, instant electronic sharing, and cloud-based file storage, eFileCabinet can bring your office into the paperless era.

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