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Released on September 22, 2015, and available on-demand thanks to Accounting Today, a complimentary web seminar, “Streamlining Taxes in a Digital World,” discusses some of the most important advancements and issues facing the accounting world today. Featuring renowned presenters such as moderator Roger Russell, Senior Editor for Tax Accounting Today, and guest speakers Brady Suggs, Product Manager at Intuit Tax Online, along with Bryce Fomey, CPA Forney Accountancy, and this seminar is full of valuable information that anyone within the accounting world should be aware of.

In this article, you can look forward to a breakdown of some of the key takeaways from this can’t-miss seminar including the top issues facing the accounting world, Intuit’s unique solution to solve them, and integrated document management solutions to completely streamline your operations.


Top Issues Facing the Accounting World Today

While processes have become more efficient over time, there are still a number of issues facing accountants today. Some of the main issues that speakers Brady Suggs and Bryce Fomey, as well as moderator Roger Russell, highlighted in the seminar that includes the following.

Online security must be paramount in all of your operations. As information has become digitized, the need for additional security measures becomes vital, particularly when you’re dealing with information as personal as tax information. Without the right security measures in place, organizations can be left susceptible to hackers, security breaches, and much more.

Client Communication
Let’s face it, client communication can be challenging. Often taking up a considerable portion of your day, communication—while important—can also be difficult. Countless accountants have been left waiting on just a few more papers from their clients, not to mention information getting lost in the shuffle.

How easily would you say it is to access the information you need? Many organizations still spend unnecessary hours each month tracking down tax-related files and information. With more work being done on the go and from remote locations, it can be challenging for organizations to effectively manage and control user access.

File Management
While programs exist that store information, what about managing information? Effective file management is one of the biggest issues in the accounting world today. With countless storage options but few effective management options, countless accountants struggle to find an answer to this problem.

IT Costs
It’s something you’re probably already are well aware of: IT isn’t cheap. With rising IT costs, many organizations are left with lackluster tax file storage and management solutions. In-house teams can often be expensive, not to mention inefficient. Even licensing storage costs alone can rack up quite a bill.

Why Go Digital?
Although there are a number of issues associated with effective tax management, there are also several great solutions. Intuit has provided one such solution with their digitally driven professional tax software. Offering programs such as QuickBooks, designed to make bookkeeping a breeze, Intuit allows simple management across multiple channels. With world-class software, Intuit has developed highly effective solutions to some of the biggest issues facing the accounting world today. Easily integrated with eFileCabinet’s document management software, these systems provide the combined support for truly seamless operations. If you’re considering whether there are benefits to going digital, here are just some of the advantages you can expect.


Advantages You Can Expect From Web-Based Solutions

Curious what these advantages are? While this certainly doesn’t cover every benefit you can expect from integrating Inuit Online into your operations, it does cover some of the most beneficial.

Instantaneous Access
Intuit’s unique software allows for instantaneous access across multiple channels. Whether you need to access your information from mobile, desktop, or even a tablet, information is easily made available through Intuit. In addition, if integrated with eFileCabinet’s DMS, you can easily integrate all files and information across sources.

Superior Client Communication
Say goodbye to struggling with client communication. With a friendly and simple interface, Intuit Online makes client communication nearly effortless. Offering a playful interface that is far less daunting than traditional tax software, clients can easily provide you the information you need from anytime and anywhere, thereby getting those final tax documents a breeze.

Enhanced Security
Rest assured, while streamlining tax prep, Intuit also provides enhanced security features with guaranteed encryption, ensuring the protection of all digital data. Intuit helps to take the worry out of keeping all tax-related information secure with round-the-clock protection. However, while Intuit offers a robust set of security features, their software only solves one part of the equation; what about all of your other information? Information such as invoice numbers, check numbers, or bills?

eFileCabinet can help your organization seamlessly integrate your tax-related software solutions. Easily integrated with Intuit’s QuickBooks, DMS solutions make document management a breeze, reducing time spent on manual data entry. Which after all, is something every office needs.

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