As a CPA, when looking at ways to improve your tax season, one aspect you should look at is how you communicate with clients. Streamline your communication processes so you can reach out on a mass scale. 

With Rubex by eFileCabinet, it’s possible with one click, to send a personalized notice to each of your clients at once to help them get started this tax season. Save yourself time and labor by removing manual correspondence and create a better, more secure experience of communication between you and clients. 

We’ll show you how a few simple features make this possible.

Secure Document-Sharing

As a CPA with multiple clients, you’re tasked with corresponding with each and everyone to update them on the status of their returns and request the required documents you need from them. It’s a lot of communication and a lot of files that need to go back-and-forth. Email isn’t the most secure and it’s no longer the most effective method of sharing files with multiple people.

Secure file-sharing through Rubex by eFileCabinet is a better way to maintain communication with clients and allows you to be more accessible so they can immediately give you all the documents you need from them.     

You can essentially give all of your client’s guest access to your document management system, where they have permission to view and upload documents in a specified folder within your system.

Logging on to Rubex over the web is protected by an SSL/TLS encrypted connection. Clients directly upload files to the system, rather than going through an untrusted proxy. Plus all files are encrypted at rest, so only users with the proper permissions are allowed to access files. This secure sharing portal guarantees security for all clients’ sensitive information, and it’s also part of how you can mass communicate with all of your clients when combined with another powerful feature.

Folder Templates 

Templates for folder structures are a must for anyone who organizes documents on a digital system. However, in Rubex by eFileCabinet, folder templates do so much more than save your frequently used folder structures. Templates are able to save several back-end preferences that you also customize folders with including permissions, retention settings, automation options, and profile data. 

For accountants, a common folder template would likely be a new folder for clients, with subfolders for each tax year and permissions for them to view it and upload documents. Furthermore, you can attach automated notifications to reach them whenever something new is uploaded to a shared folder. 

Templates can be mass applied to as many folders as you need, so your organization of folders and files for a particular drawer remain consistent. 

Mass Communication

Here’s how secure sharing and templates come together to help you communicate important documents with all of your clients. Templates in Rubex can be synced so that any changes made to one, will be made to all. Folder templates not only allow you to change and add folder structures, but you can also add predesignated documents that will always be copied and appear in whatever folders use that template.  

Therefore, whenever you have an important document you need to be sent to all of your clients and don’t want to send through email, edit your template and add the document. Then sync the template across your system, and it will be copied and added to each client’s folder. If automated notifications are turned on, they will all receive an email notification that a new file is waiting for them in their account.

To learn about these features and so much more, click here to see Rubex in action with a personalized demo.