Turbo Boost Your

Performance with SQL.

We know you have a lot of employees, and they all use eFileCabinet to help you keep your company’s documents organized and secure. With so many users adding and editing documents, is your server having trouble keeping up?

SQL gives you the speed you need!

Having a faster DMS allows you to:

  • Save Time: Upload files, add folders, and give permissions in a fraction of the time it took before.
  • Be More Efficient: Get things done instead of waiting for items to load.
  • Collaborate More Effectively: All your eFileCabinet users can work within the program faster and more effectively.
  • Share Files Faster: Send files to clients and customers more quickly than ever before!

With the time you’ll save using SQL, you can focus your attention on providing exceptional service for all of your clients. Give us a call to learn more about this add-on’s remarkable features.

Adding 10 folders with 10 subfolders to 1,2878 drawers*

Pushing down permissions to 1,278 drawers with 100 folders per drawer*

*Tests done by an eFileCabinet SQL Technician on a minimum requirement machine with no extra users logged.  Your performance will vary, and no guarantee of your results is made by sharing these findings.

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Limited Time Pricing for SQL Add-On

We are happy to offer all our customers a discount on this incredible feature.

Don’t let good business pass you by with a server that can’t keep up with your growth.

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