It’s that time of year again. You know, the time when you look around and realize just HOW MUCH dust collects in your keyboard and how much junk has made its way into your desk drawer!  Pull up the gloves and get out the compressed can of air, here is a guide to help you spring clean your office.


Start with the garbage

It’s always impressive just how much garbage and junk has collected over the last year all over the office. Open up your drawers, clean off desks, empty those file cabinets, go through cupboards, and carry a garbage bag to pick up around communal areas and toss all of the garbage. Remember to scan all of your necessary documents into Rubex before shredding or trashing them.


Pull out the compressed air cans

Everyone’s favorite office tool! Use a compressed can of air to deep clean all of the dust out of those pesky, little crevices in your keyboard and around phone buttons. Who knows how long some of that dust has been sitting there.


Antibacterial wipes and spray are your new best friends for the day

As you’re cleaning your desk and office area, be sure to sanitize. In addition to the main surfaces, make sure to include things like your mouse, keyboard, phone, and drawer handles that may not be wiped down as frequently and eliminate those germs.


Spring clean your computer

Your physical office isn’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned up. Take a half an hour to deep clean old files and organize your computer. Learn more about the steps you can take to clean your computer in our other spring cleaning post, Spring Clean Your Computer.

Use the hose on the vacuum

Do you remember the last time you pulled out the hose on the office vacuum? Us either. Pull out the hose and get into all of the corners around the office, seat cushions, your office chair, and even use it to clean out crumbs left in drawers or in hard-to-reach areas under the desk.


Use the 365 rule

Have you used this item in the last year? Will you use it in the next 365 days? If the answer to either of these is no, then toss it out. Don’t take up valuable office space with items that aren’t doing any good.


Split up the work

For communal areas like break rooms, sitting areas, reception, and bathrooms, make a list of tasks and split up the work. Assign each person a task from the list to accomplish all of your office spring cleaning needs. Some of these tasks might include deep cleaning sinks, washing windows, wiping down the refrigerator, scrubbing the walls, and organizing supply shelves.


Spring cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite office project, but the feeling of a fresh, clean office to start your summer just can’t be beat! Block off a few hours or a day that everyone on the team can work together to spruce up the office together and enjoy the rewarding feeling of a clean office.

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